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Hey guys! Welcome to my Stuff I Tried This Month post! In case you've never seen one of these posts, here's what it's about. Basically, I tend to try a lot of things that don't really warrant their own post, so for the past few months I've been gathering up these products and doing a collective post with mini-reviews of each of the products. This is often products that are deluxe or mini sized, but also products that are either quite old or even discontinued. I figure this is a good way to let you guys know what I'm trying out each month and what I think of it. So, without further ado...

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Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Mattifying Primer
This product has actually been tucked away in my collection since Target left Canada and they were blowing this out for almost no money. In the colder months, I can't use mattifying products or my skin pretty much hates me, so I forgot I had this entirely until I was cleaning out my collection this month. I actually do quite like this primer - as long as I'm using a foundation that's hydrating. I think it gives me a good base, helps to smooth out the texture on my skin, and does slightly increase the wear time of my makeup. It's not a mindblower or anything and I don't think I'll be finishing it up anytime soon, but it does the job.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in Trespassing Taupe
So, I actually don't think I ever saw this in regular drugstores, but I found it in a discount store recently for $1 and I had to pick it up - even knowing that it's probably old. It was still sealed and it was a dollar, so I went for it. And I'm really glad I did, because I really, really like this as a base. It's not a mind blower or anything, but this is going to be a solid neutral base that I'll get use of. If you see it, it's worth a buy.

Doucce Boombastic Lash Volumizer Mascara
I wasn't particularly excited when I got this in my Ipsy bag... but that's kind of the best thing about Ipsy for me, when something doesn't particularly interest me and then goes on to BLOW MY MIND. I'm a little bit obsessed with this mascara, to the point that I had intended to include it in my favorites this month but somehow I forgot to put it on the list. This is super black and gives me great volume without getting weird and clumpy. LOVE THIS.

Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush
This is another product that I got from Ipsy that pleasantly surprised me. This is a really beautiful kind of burnt apricot shade that looks really natural, but gives a really nice summery glow to the skin. I definitely won't be able to use this in the colder months, but it looks really nice now that I've got a little bit more colour in my skin. The pigmentation is good, middle of the road the way I like my blushes, and it applies smooth with not too much glow.

Urban Decay Fireball Eyeshadow Single
This is another absolute winner from last month's Ipsy bag. It's a really stunning metallic warm pink duochrome type of shade that I think makes the center of the lid really pop on pretty much any warm eye look. I don't find it to be particularly crumbly or powdery, like some other Urban Decay shadows, and it applies really smoothly and wears quite well.

Since Walmart Canada is clearing out all of their Flower Beauty products, I decided to pick up a few things that I'd been curious about now that they were half price.

Flower Beauty Créme Eyeshadow in Flirty Floret
This moussey cream shadow formula is one of my absolute favorites and I'd been meaning to pick up this shade for quite a while, so I went to two different Walmart's to find it. This shade isn't quite what I was expecting and definitely loses some of the intensity on the eyes, so it needs to be built up, but I still really enjoy it and will end up reaching for it a lot in the fall.

Flower Beauty Stick Foundation in SF1
To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think it's easy to apply, blends out quite well, and gives good coverage, but when it comes to how it actually wears on my skin I'm not sure about it. It can feel a little bit heavy and I can get a little broken up with oils or sweat. I don't think it's a bad product, but I need to wear it a little more to decide how I really feel about it over all.

Flower Beauty Luxury High Shine Lip Color in Morning Glory
I was so hopeful for this... And so let down. The formula is quite nice and I like how comfortable it is on the lips, but this shade is absolutely awful. It's a very light nude shade with a good bit of baby pink undertone, which just makes me look dead and gross. It's bad. So bad.

Flower Beauty Cream Blush in Peach Blossom
I had high hopes for this... But unfortunately this just didn't work out. The shade is really pretty, but when you get it on the skin it's really light and really sheer, which means it just doesn't show up even on my pale skin. I also don't love the texture of this because it has a little bit too much slip for my tastes. This is just a pass for me.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum
Obviously when it comes to serum, you really have to use them a lot more than what you can get out of a tiny sample to actually see a difference, but what I will say is that I really do like the texture of this. I haven't seen any vast improvement, but like I said that was unlikely either way. My skin has been good though, so I'm calling it alright. Not sure I'd invest based on this though.

BIOTHERM Aquasource Everplump Plumping Soothing Moisturizing Treatment
I had actually never tried BIOTHERM products before this month, but I'm already really impressed. I love this moisturizer and I feel like it really hydrates my skin and definitely plumps it to give a really healthy, more youthful appearance. I've used this both at night and during the day, with and without makeup, and I've been really happy with it in all of those circumstances. I think this would be a little too light for my winter skin, but it's plenty

BIOTHERM Blue Therapy Night Cream
This is another impressive product from BIOTHERM. I feel like this packs a lot of moisture without feeling heavy on the skin, which is something I appreciate a lot in the summer. When I use this, I wake up with really hydrated, smooth skin.

Filorga Laboratories HYDRA-FILLER Pro-Youth Boosting Moisturizer
I was gifted this by someone who was absolutely raving about it and said she doesn't use anything else since she found it, so I was eager to try it and I quite like it. I haven't been using it long enough to fall in love yet, and I actually think this one will be better for me once my skin is a little drier, but I've really liked it as a nighttime moisturizer and I'm going to keep using it.

NeoStrata FirmaLift Firming Neck and Bust Gel
Now this right here... WINNER. I'm a side sleeper in my 30s, so I've been noticing that I am getting some wrinkles in my chest and neck area that I am just not down with. I've been using this, though not as consistently as I feel like I should be, and I definitely see a slight improvement in the way the skin looks, and a more significant improvement in how it feels. I think I'm going to get a full size of this and keep using it with my fingers crossed.

I feel like this was kind of a weird month, but I'm trying to make my way through some of the samples that I have in my collection so I'm trying a lot of things on the short term. Either way, I feel like there were some definite good products that I tried out this month, as well as a couple of firm duds. 

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