REVIEW: VICHY Eau Thermale Mineralizing Thermal Water*

by - September 14, 2016

*Product was provided for PR purposes.

For a long time, I passed over spa waters in the skin care section because it just seemed like something that I really didn't need. However, a couple of years ago a local makeup artist who is a friend of a friend mentioned that she loves to use it as a last step in makeup to give everything a seamless appearance and take down powderiness. My interest was piqued, obviously, and I picked up a bottle of the VICHY Eau Thermale Mineralizing Thermal Water* and have been a convert ever since. And when I say convert, I mean that I keep a big bottle on my desk at work and one on my vanity at home. And if I had a small bottle, it would be in my purse at all times. I got a chance to try the newly renamed and repackaged version recently and, though I've mentioned my love for it on the blog before, I thought this was a good time to go into a little more detail.

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So what makes a bottle of mineral water special? Well, in the case of the Vichy Eau Thermale Mineralizing Thermal Water* of the things that makes it special to me is the actual nozzle that it comes out of. Something about the fine mist that this applies to the skin  just perks me right up and has me ready to go. I find that my favorite times to use this are throughout the day if my skin is feeling a little dry, tight, or just like it needs a little pick me up. The mist doesn't disrupt my makeup at all, but gives me a cool, fresh feeling over my skin while also making it feel a little less dehydrated.

This product is said to be "charged in 15 minerals, the highest diversity of minerals among almost all French thermal waters" and is meant to make skin strong and more resistant to environmental aggressions. I honestly don't know if this has made my skin stronger or more resistant, but I definitely know that it makes my skin feel good. And this is one of very few products that I love just as much in the summer as in the winter. In the summer, it's a great cool down refresher on hot days when it's not uncommon to feel a little less than fresh, and in the winter I feel like this gives me a hit of hydration to my parched winter skin and keeps my skin from feeling tight and overwhelmed.

It's actually kind of hard to review the VICHY Eau Thermale Mineralizing Thermal Water*, if only because I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it does to my skin other than feel really, really good, but I can tell you that I pretty much always have a bottle of this on hand and I've recommended it many times in the past!

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