REVIEW: Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Lip Color w. Swatches

by - October 13, 2016

Admittedly, when it comes to the new matte metallic lip trend that's been hot the past couple of months, I've  been a combination of torn and very interested in it. If you follow me in Instagram, you may remember a post I did a while back where I had been playing with DIY matte metallic lips. If you're interested in that post, which I never got around to I admit, I'd be happy to do it so just let me know in the comments. That said, when I saw that Hard Candy were coming out with their Metallic Mousse Matte Metallic Lip Colors, I was interested and cautiously excited... and then I stalked Walmart until they had them in stock. I picked up the two shades that appealed to me most - Truffle, a mauve nude shade, and Queen Of Hearts, a berry shade - and I've been trying them out.

For my thoughts as well as swatches of these products, keep reading!

As you can see, like the Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Lip Colors, each of these lippies come housed in their own tin, which has a mirror in the lid. The tins for the Metallic Mousse Lip Colors are even prettier, in my opinion, because they're textured and match incredibly well to the shade inside the tin. Because it's a little bulky, I don't see myself carrying it around unless I take out the little insert and use it for multiple lippies - which is a possibility now that I just thought of it. 

The tube itself is really pretty and sleek, in my opinion. It's, admittedly, a little bit awkward to store, but I don't care because it's just really, really pretty. The tube is clear acrylic and feels like really good quality. The lid is a grunmetal plastic with a metallic finish and the branding is mirrored. Overall, it's just a really good looking product that I think appears more expensive than it actually is.

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Lip Color in Truffle
The first shade I was determined to get as soon as I saw swatches of this product was Truffle. This is a mauve/lilac nude shade that has a cool toned sheen to it, it almost feels like silver with a hint of rose gold. Of the two, I think that this one has a more frosted look, which I assume is due to the lightness of the shade. It's quite pretty and I think a lot of people will gravitate towards this one, because it's a little edgy with the lilac in it, but also quite wearable.

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Lip Color in Queen Of Hearts
Queen of Hearts is the winning shade for me of these two and the one I've been reaching for a little more consistently. This is a deep berry red shade that has a warm golden sheen to it, which I think just looks stunning on the lips - and perfect for fall! The thing that I like about this is that the golden sheen to it somehow makes this burgundy shade feel more easily wearable to me, because it takes away a little of the vampiness. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I LOVE this shade, I think it would look gorgeous on pretty much any skintone, and I'd say it's the must have of all of the shades - even though I've only tried the two, I'm still confident about that statement.

Like the Velvet Mousse lip colours, this comes with a flat sponge tip applicator that is quite firm, which makes it really easy to get a really sharp line around the lips. I do find that it doesn't carry enough product to cover the whole mouth, so I have to do at least one more dip to get an even coat on the lips, but I don't mind that at all.

The formula of this lip product is what really knocks it out of the park for me. This reminds me of a slightly thicker version of the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips, in that it sets to a real cling to the lips, but it isn't budgeproof and so isn't as drying as something that is. I find that this wears on me for hours without needing touch ups, wears down really evenly, and continues to feel comfortable and almost hydrating on the lips. I think this formula is what I've been waiting for drugstore liquid lipsticks to do, honestly.

As for both taste and smell, I have to say that I really get nothing from them. I tried pretty hard to get a whiff off them, and all I got was the faintest paint-like smell, but I hesitate to even say that because it really is so light that it's almost undetectable. When I lick my lips while wearing this, I also don't get any taste from them whatsoever. And speaking of licking... this formula doesn't ball up or get weird around the inner edges when I lick my lips either.

I think these lippies are 100% on trend for this fall and they have a lot of great fall shades in the collection, which makes them really appealing right now. They're also really affordable at under $8 each and widely available at Walmart stores.  Honestly, I absolutely can't recommend these lipsticks enough, because I'm just impressed with them from top to bottom. From the really nice packaging to the great formula, wear time, and shade selection, I'd say these tick every box for me.

The Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Matte Metallic Lip Colors are available exclusively at Walmart!

Thanks for reading!

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