REVIEW: Buxom Custom Eyeshadow Palette #2

by - January 23, 2017

If you guys checked out my review of my first Custom Buxom Eyeshadow Palette, you'll know that I'm a little bit obsessed with this eyeshadow formula, so when I had a $20 off $50 coupon for Sephora, this is what I went for because I wanted some cooler toned shades and some more mattes from the line. I decided to go with 4 mattes in really neutral shades that I would use pretty much every day as well as two more colourful shimmery shades and I think it was a really good selection of colours.

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First off, in case you're unfamiliar with how these palettes work, this is a completely customizable system. Essentially, Buxom offers single eyeshadows that are intended to fit into their single or 6-pan eyeshadow palettes. The eyeshadow singles retail for $15, but if you build a 6-pan palette it'll end up costing you $50 total. Don't get me wrong, this is still a spendy palette, but I think the quality of the shadows themselves makes it worth the spend and the freedom to build your own palette means that you're much more likely to actually use all of the shades.

Another thing that I love about these palettes is that you can shift the shades around as you see fit or as needed to take on the go. In fact, I think that might be my favorite thing because now that I have two full palettes I can play around with the shades and create different palettes to take traveling with me or toss in my bag.

For this palette, I chose mostly neutral matte shades that I will consistently reach for to create looks on their own or to compliment more shimmery shades. Of course, this meant that I also had to choose two great pops of colour for this palette and I'm really, really happy with the purple and the green that I chose because they're quite impactful.

Mix & Mingle, Lingerie Lover, Wild Nights, Dusk 'Til Dawn, Gimme Gorgeous, & Hot Or Yacht

Mix & Mingle is a really lovely matte cream shade with hints of buttery yellow undertones. This matte texture isn't as creamy as some matte shadows that I use, but it's quite soft and I find it blends really nicely over the lid.

Lingerie Lover is a pale rosy taupe shade that I like to use as a transition with cool toned looks. The thing I like about this shade is that it isn't overly pigmented, but it builds really nicely so I can get a really smooth transition. I think this texture is a little bit more creamy than Mix & Mingle, but still quite thin in texture. Blends really well.

Wild Nights is probably my favorite shade in this palette. It's a gorgeous shimmery grape shade that leans more pink than blue. It applies really beautifully as an all over lid shade without feeling or looking chunky.

Dusk Til Dawn is another favorite in this palette. There's a nice depth to it, but I do think that it loses some of its punch when you apply it to the lid. The texture on this is really beautiful and smooth, though, and I find that it blends really easily with other shadows.

Gimme Gorgeous is a pale camel shade. This is a workhorse type of shade, in my opinion, just a little deeper than my skintone and perfect as a transition. I would say that the texture and pigmentation on this is very similar to Lingerie Lover. It's smooth and buildable.

Hot Or Yacht is a deep chocolate shade with grey undertones. This is another one of those workhorse shades that is perfect for using very lightly to give depth and definition to the crease and also as a powder liner. Again, the texture of this is very much like the other mattes in this palette, but I would say that this is a shade that you have to use a light hand with because it's very pigmented and could easily go crazy if you use too much.

  • Apply Mix & Mingle to the brow bone and upper crease as a base.
  • Blend Lingerie Lover into the crease and just above as a transition shade.
  • Pack Wild Nights onto the inner 2/3 of the lid.
  • Pack Dusk 'Til Dawn on the outer 1/3 of the lid and gently blend into Wild Nights.
  • Deepen and define the crease using Hot Or Yacht.
  • Finish by smoothing out the edges with a small amount of Lingerie Lover on a fluffy brush.

I'm still really loving this eyeshadow formula and I'm so thrilled that I picked the shades that I did. I think that the shades I now have in my collection are really versatile and I'll really happily swap shades in and out between my two palettes to create a wide variety of looks. While I do like the matte shades from Buxom, I find that where they really shine is with their more shimmery shades, which just apply like a dream and absolutely full pigmentation.

If you've made or are planning a custom Buxom palette, I'd love to hear in the comments about what your shade choices would be!

Thanks for reading!

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