SUBSCRIPTION: Ipsy Glambag February 2017

by - February 16, 2017

Sooo... I'm thinking about quitting Ipsy. Honestly, I'm coming up on my three year anniversary of blogging here at Prairie Beauty Love and I've been getting Ipsy significantly longer than that and a lot of the shine has worn off by now. Don't get me wrong, I still love getting a grab bag of products every month to try out and I've loved being a subscriber, but it's started to feel not very worth it anymore. I think what's going to happen is that I'm going to spend my points and then call it a day with Ipsy, so this will likely be one of my last Ipsy posts!

Keep reading to see what I got this month!

Bellapierre VolumeLash Waterproof Mascara
The last couple of times I've gotten mascara from Ipsy, I was initially a little disappointed before suddenly being really, really stoked when they ended up being some amazing mascaras, so I'm holding out hope for this one. It's full size, which is always nice, and I really like the brush so the hopes are very high at this point. Fingers crossed!

Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub
Honestly, as a blogger I get a lot less excited about skin care samples than I used to, because I find that I'm always testing out new products and I rarely get a chance to use the samples that I get from Ipsy. That said, I don't mind a little bottle of scrub because that's actually one of the types of skin care products I test the least and I do really like to do a scrub weekly, so I will definitely give this a go.

Trust Fund Beauty La Vernis in $12 Latte
I was really surprised to see this in my bag this month, because I've gotten a Trust Fund Beauty nail polish once before, though it was in a different shade. I don't wear brown nail polish very often, but I'll make an exception to try this out because I do really love the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish formula so maybe it'll be a huge winner. Can you tell I'm going for optimism this month?

The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream
I've never heard of a lip & eye cream before. Is this a thing? I guess it makes sense since the skin in those areas is different from the rest of your face, so why not! Anyway, I swatched this and I absolutely love the feel of it, so I'm definitely going to try it around lips and eyes and see how it goes. I've been seriously slacking on eye cream lately, so it seems like a good time to try to get back into it.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry
This is another something that I've gotten in Ipsy before in a different shade, so I'm not entirely stoked about it. That said, I love the butter lipstick formula and this shade is absolutely gorgeous, so I'm not entirely upset about it either.

Honestly, I think that even though I'm optimistic about the products in this month's bag, I'm definitely disappointed that I got products that I've gotten before - especially considering how many other products that I've never tried were included in this month's bag, including nail polish and makeup options. Know what I mean? Eh. Definitely think it's time to call it a day for me.

That said, I think Ipsy is a really fun subscription service and I've loved getting them every month for the past several years. I think for new subscribers, particularly people who are building beauty collections and loving trying out new things, it's worth signing up. If you're interested, head over to Ipsy to sign up and get your monthly bag for $10US/month (plus $5US shipping for us Canadian residents!)

Thanks for reading!

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