REVIEW: Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows

by - March 21, 2017

If you saw my recent Colourpop Haul, you'll know that I just couldn't resist picking up some of their new pressed powder eyeshadows. I'm actually a pretty big fan of Colourpop's products in general and I think that if the Canadian dollar was better, I would probably buy a lot more, but these days I really have to decide what I really want and only order those things. Anyway, I wanted to review the four shadows that I got and let you know what I think overall.

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When I made my order, they had a promotion that if you ordered four shadows, you got the four pan palette included free. That was pretty handy - and made the number of shadows I was going to order easy to decide on. The palette is pretty nice and I like the cute stars pattern on the outside as well as how strong the magnet is - once you put the shadows in, they're sturdy!

I actually decided ultimately to pull out the little silver insert, which is just foam, so that this palette could hold some more single shadow pans I already had in my collection but hadn't put into a palette yet. It's actually ridiculously easy to do, but if you want some tips there's some great videos on Youtube about it. All I did was pry it up with a plastic knife and roll the double sided tape off with my fingers. The magnetic sheet lifted, so I reattached it with double sided tape and it's good to go!

Now onto the shades I chose. What I really wanted to do was put together a full palette that I could create at least a couple of looks with and that had everything I needed to do that. I also really wanted to go with shades that I generally really love, so I went with these berry tones that work on my skin tone all year. There are A LOT of shades in this collection and it seems like more and more keep getting released, so I really think that anyone could put together duos, trios, quads and large palettes that would suit their taste.

Pep Talk, Made To Last, Pinky Promise, Going Steady

Pep Talk - peachy champagne metallic
The texture of Pep Talk is a creamy formula that's a little bit dense and can appear a little bit crumbly when you put your finger into it, but I find that thickness helps it grab onto a brush and really pack onto the lid for a lot of density of colour and overall brightness. Shadewise I find this one similar to Stila's Kitten eyeshadow, though I wouldn't say that it's a dupe.I have a feeling I'll be using this as a lid shade a lot this spring.

Made To Last - mid toned cool brown matte
This is basically my perfect every day transition shade, particularly when I'm wearing cool or neutral eye looks. The formula of this shade is absolutely dreamy. It's one of those really creamy matte shades that kicks up a little bit of powder, but blends really beautifully on the eyes. I also find that it builds up fairly well, so you can start with a light wash for transition and then go back in to add a little bit more natural shadow through the crease. I would say this is my favorite shade of the four, both because it's such a necessary shade and because the formula is pretty much perfect.

Pinky Promise - burgundy wine metallic
This shade is gorgeous, really gorgeous and to the touch this shade has amazing pigmentation and feels really creamy and soft. When you pack it on, it gives amazing reflective metallic, but as soon as you blend it that reflection disappears and I feel like it always just leaves behind it's burgundy base. It's really strange. Generally, when I use it, I have to apply it, blend, and then apply it again to make sure I get that shine I want. I like this, but I definitely don't find it easy to work with. I compared this to some other shades in my collection and the only one that I found that was similar was Dominate from the Tarteist Pro To Go palette, but again I wouldn't say it's an exact dupe.

Going Steady - berry wine matte
Colourwise, this is basically the shade of my dreams. It's a wine shade with a lot of purple to the base, giving it a strong berry tone. The texture on this one isn't as creamy as Made To Last, but the pigment is incredibly dense and I find it still blends really easily on the skin. I actually compared this one to Love Letter from the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette and I found they're very similar in both tone and texture, but Going Steady is distinctly more berry than the more red tones of Love Letter. 

I wanted to show the products on the eyes, so I did a look using all of them. I started with Made To Last lightly blended through my crease as a transition on a large, fluffy brush. Next I packed Pep Talk onto the inner half of the lid and blended Pinky Promise into it alternating two sides of the same brush to get both shades to create a gradient look. Finally, I deepened out the crease and outer corner with Going Steady. To finish, I used a little bit more Made To Last on the same fluffy brush and made sure everything was softened.

I would say that I think even in these four shades that I got there's some inconsistency in formula and quality. For me, Pep Talk has kind of a weird texture, but applies beautifully onto the eyes, while Pinky Promise has a much smoother, lighter touch but blends away a little too easily. Clearly, Pep Talk wins the metallic category for me. In the matte category, I find that Made To Last and Going Steady feel really different to the touch, but both are really pigmented and blend quite nicely on the eyes. I prefer the formula of Made To Last, though, because it has that rich creaminess to it. 

Overall, I would say that these shadows are worth the $5US you spend on them, but I would check out reviews and swatches of the shades to find the real gems in this collection.

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