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Hey guys! For my last day of Earth Week here on the blog, I wanted to focus on one of my favorite and most used enviromentally friendly brands: Live Clean! When it comes particularly to products that I'm going to be rinsing off and washing down the drain, it's always been really important to me that I be mindful of what I'm putting out into the environment, so Live Clean has become a brand that I reach for constantly when it comes to those types of products. I've definitely got some favorites from the brand and I wanted to share them with you guys along with a GIVEAWAY!

Keep reading for my favorites and to enter for the giveaway!

Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo & Conditioner*

This is a recent release from Live Clean and has become an instant favorite of mine that I'm actually about to repurchase as soon as I go shopping. Of all of the hair products that I've used - and loved - from Live Clean, the Biotin products are by far my favorites for my hair type. These help to volumize my hair without leaving it feeling dry and whenever I use this I find that my curls end up looking more bouncy and defined that with any other product I've used since I got my hair permed. 

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal & Coconut Milk Body Washes*

Live Clean body washes have become a staple for me and I haven't used anything else in quite some time. Not only do these two smell absolutely divine - always a must in body wash for me - but they leave my skin feeling hydrated and smooth when I get out of the shower. There are a lot of different options in their body wash line, but based on the scents these are definitely my two favorites.  

Live Clean Hand Soaps 

I've talked about Live Clean hand soaps A LOT here on the blog, because they are the only hand soaps I use anymore. Seriously, I keep them in my bathroom, in my kitchen, and at my office because I never feel like they dry out my hands. Pictured here is the seasonal Vanilla Peppermint fragrance, which is so dreamy that when I see them on the shelves during the holiday season I end up stocking up and using them all year. I also really love the ones in the permanent line, with the Vanilla Oatmeal and Fresh Water scents being my favorites of those. I've even turned friends and family onto these soaps whenever they come to my house and use my bathroom, because they're just that good.  

Live Clean Sport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45*

The Live Clean Sport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion became a staple last year in my beach bag and is one that I'll definitely continue reaching for this summer. This offers really good protection from the sun in a formula that's easy to apply and work into the skin, and doesn't leave an annoying white cast like some other formulas I've tried. Because this is such a good formula and is very affordable, I would definitely recommend checking this one out!

Live Clean Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts*

I had to use an old picture of this product from when I first got it, because I've gone through the entire tub and haven't gotten around to picking up a new one. When I want a really relaxing bath after a long day, I love to include these because they have a strong, refreshing scent that really helps to ease my mind but doesn't make me feel sleepy. I also find that I really like what these do to the water, because when I get out of the tub my skin feels really soft and silky. I said when I first reviewed these that I thought I was going to have a long term relationship with them, and that is definitely true. Along with the Biotin Conditioner, these are also on the shopping list.

And now onto the giveaway....

Recently, Live Clean has released refill bottles for their Argan Oil, Sweet Pea, and Fresh Water hand soaps and I was really, really excited about it! Not only does the refill bottle make these a little bit more affordable, but it also reduces the waste from the packaging, and you can top up your bottles as needed. Seriously, guys, if you haven't tried out the Live Clean Hand Soaps yet, you absolutely must... and I'd like to help!

Enter by May 5, 2017 for a chance to win one of three prize packs that includes a 500ml Live Clean Hand Soap in your choice of Argan Oil, Sweet Pea, or Fresh Water along with a 1 litre refill bottle! Giveaway is open to Canadian residents. Must be legal age in your province or territory to enter! 

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone who enters! 

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