SUBSCRIPTION: Ipsy Glambag August 2017

by - August 23, 2017

So... After literally months and months of feeling like I was going to cancel my ipsy subscription, I finally went ahead and did it. I actually really, really loved getting ipsy bags - which you'll know if you've been a longtime reader of the blog - but it was time and I'll happily give my spot to a new subscriber who'll be excited about the bag like I was in the beginning. I blew out the points I had been accumulating and picked up a couple of bonus items and overall I'm really happy with my last bag.

So, if you want to see what I got in my last ipsy bag, keep reading!

Crown Brush
SS035 Medium Face Contour Brush
I've always loved getting brushes in my ipsy bag, but this might actually been one of my favorites I've ever gotten. This really is the perfect size, shape and density for contouring, but I actually think it'll also work well for applying other powders on my face and really buffing them into the skin. The bristles are super soft and because it's so dense I feel like it'll really pick up and lay down powder perfectly. I think I really need to look a little more into Crown Brush in the future, because I've been really impressed thus far.

naked cosmetics
HD Finishing Translucent Powder
I actually really love a good HD finishing powder and I'm a big fan of naked cosmetics, so I'm pretty happy with this inclusion in my bag. From first swatch, this does cast a little bit white so I think this will be better when my skin is a little bit more pale, but the texture is really lightweight and silky and I think I'll really like what this does under my eyes to set my concealer. 

theBalm Cosmetics
theBalm Voyage Vol.2 Eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha
For me, theBalm is one of those brands that just isn't as widely available here as I'd like it to be, so I'm always happy to try things out in these smaller sizes. At first swatch, I'm a little bit in love with the formula of this shadow and I'm really eager to work it into a look. I feel like I can't have too many of this type of shade, which gives a brightness and sheen to the lids that I really gravitate towards, so this will definitely get some use in my collection. 

Black Magic Mascara Deluxe
I'm actually pretty sure that I'm getting rid of a tube of this in the mascara purge that you'll see in my upcoming empties, but I literally don't remember whether or not I liked it or not so I'm happy to try it out again. I know a lot of people swear by EYEKO mascara, so I'm eager to see if it does for me what I've seen it do for other people. Fingers crossed!

Face Food Yoghurt Mask Duo in Kiwi & Strawberry
I mean, I love a mask, so I'm not mad at this at all. Though I do prefer sheet masks if I'm going to be getting an individual use mask, I'm happy to use a traditional wash off mask as well and see how I like it. If nothing else, I enjoy the feeling of pampering myself with a mask, so even if these just pack some hydration into my skin they will definitely get used up sooner or later.  

Points Bonuses....
I knew that I had to use up my points if I was going to call an end to my subscription, so I decided to just go for it and redeem for one item that I already love and use constantly and another that I was interested in trying out for the first time. 

Margaret Dabbs London 
Crystal Nail File
I have one of these that I got in a previous bag and these days it's the only nail file that I use, so it was a no brainer to use up some points and get another one. This just does such a good job of filing and shaping my nails without damaging or splitting them that I'm not interested in using anything else. If you haven't tried out a crystal nail file yet, I highly recommend it. 

Wild Rose Brightening 24 Hour Moisturizer
I've really been wanting to try out more products from Korres, so I decided to go for it and pick up this deluxe size moisturizer. I've heard good things about the Korres Wild Rose products and after trying this out on the back of my hand I really like the texture and I find the rose scent to be really lovely - which is suprising, since rose scents rarely do it for me. Definitely looking forward to trying it out as well. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this month's bag. I think I'll actually use everything in the bag - as well as the gorgeous gradient bag that's just making me really, really want to do this style of gradient on my nails. I'm happy to call it a day on ipsy with a bag that I really love. 

If you've never tried ipsy and you're interested in a monthly subscription service, I really do think it's a great one. For $10US (+$5US Shipping to Canada) per month, you'll get a unique makeup bag filled with 5 beauty products to try out each month. Head over to the Ipsy to sign up!

Thanks for reading!

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