REVIEW: Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Bath

by - November 08, 2017

Anyone else go straight into bath mode as soon as the weather gets cold? I swear, as soon as the temp drops in October, I want to have a long, hot bath pretty much every day to shake the chill off in that way that only ever comes from being literally submersed in warmth. Recently - and with perfect timing - I've been testing out the Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Baths in Fresh Water, Tropical Coconut, and Lavender Vanilla*. I mean... thank you, blogging gods, for giving me a solid excuse to indulge in my much craved baths!

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By now you guys know the drill with Live Clean, right? 98% plant and natural based ingredients, enriched with certified organic botanicals, free of all the yuckies that you don't want to put on your body or send down the drain and into the environment, never tested on animals, etc etc etc. Basically, one of the reasons that I'm such a die hard for Live Clean products is that I never have to feel bad rinsing them off my body and out into the world, because they're enviromentally friendly. 

Let's talk about the formula of these, shall we? I find that these have a lighter fragrance than the strong fragrance of the Live Clean Spa Therapy Foam Bath*, but they're still very much present in the room. I'd say they give a medium density foam that lasts quite well throughout the bath, though I would recommend being liberal with how much you add to the water to really get the most of it. Though I wouldn't say that this is going to take the place of a post-bath body moisturizer, this does leave my skin feeling good when I get out of the tub and less dried out than without them. (My skin really, really doesn't love hot baths like the rest of my body does, but this helps.)

Live Clean Fresh Water Aromatherapy Foam Bath*
"... offers one of Live Clean's great original scents in a blend that includes Vitamin E and plant derived moisturizers for a deeply hydrating bath." 

Fresh Water is actually the scent that my boyfriend uses in all of his Live Clean body products and I absolutely love it. I actually like this as a mid-day foam bath, when I want to relax and warm up but I don't want to relax too much. Know what I mean? There's a soothing, fresh, sort of aquatic scent to it that, for me, is almost revitalizing. 

Live Clean Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Foam Bath*
"... blends certified organic Lavender and Vanilla extracts in a rich, naturally foaming formulation that promotes deep relaxation." 

This foam bath actually wasn't new to me and has been one of my favorite products from Live Clean for a while now. I absolutely love lavender before bed because it really, genuinely helps to soothe my ever-too-busy mind and get me off to sleep, and I've always been a big fan of lavender and vanilla together, which I think tempers each scent to something a little bit more subtle but also really beautiful. This is just gorgeous and, by far, my favorite of these three scents. 

Live Clean Tropical Coconut Aromatherapy Foam Bath*
"... blends certified organic Coconut and Citrus botanicals as well as Vitamin E and Chamomile for a rich, foaming bath." 

The way this one smells is straight up the beach for me. It's not too sweet or overwhelming, like some coconut scents can be. This is just really lovely and I really enjoy it. I actually think that, as much as I like baths in the cooler months, this will be one I'm more likely to reach for when it gets warm because in my brain it's just not a winter scent, but it's still really lovely. 

Overall, I really, really like these and I'm stoked to have them in my bathroom for all of my upcoming winter warm up baths. Obviously, my absolute favorite is the Lavender Vanilla fragrance, but the other two definitely have their place. One thing that I really like is that each scent is so different from the others, so you can really find something in this range to suit a lot of different tastes. So good!

The Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Baths* are available now at Walmart, & and they retail for under $10 for a huge 750ml bottle! Get you some!

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