REVIEW: Avon Prima Noir Eau De Parfum

by - December 20, 2017

You guys may remember a while back when I talked about Avon Prima Eau De Parfum* in this post. That was a scent that really surprised me because it was out of my usual preference for fragrance, which leans a little deeper and more spicy than the light femininity of that scent. Now, recently, Avon has released a sister fragrance to the original Prima with Prima Noir Eau De Parfum*. Of course, being that I ended up surprisingly loving the Prima scent, I was really excited to try out this one, which seems a little bit more in my lane.

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Prima Noir is inspired by the strength and alluring mystique of a prima ballerina with a bold enigmatic edge. This nighttime scent is an indulgent expression of warm, feminine notes for the woman who isn’t afraid to let her hair down. Fun and playful yet always graceful, she knows when the sun goes down, it’s her time to shine. 
Top Note: Fragrant and Floral Violet.
Mid Note: Opulent Jasmine.
Dry Note: Delicate Vanilla.

I love the idea of taking inspiration from a ballerina for these fragrances - and I have to say that I can absolutely see that inspiration. If you're familiar with the blog, you'll know that I tend to talk about fragrances in terms of how they make me feel, but I actually have some thoughts about the notes and how they behave with this one. Initially, this has a sweet, almost fruity floral that makes me think of plums, but as it dries down I find it becomes more rich and loses a lot of the fruitiness. Ultimately I feel like this scent plays on me like a dark floral vanilla type of scent - and it really, really falls in line with my taste. Not spicy at all and not overly sweet, but definitely a richer, slightly darker scent that's still distinctly feminine.

I have to say, Avon has really, really impressed me with this new Prima Noir Eau De Parfum*. Not only do I really, really enjoy the scent of it, but I also find that it fades and wears really nicely and I still get wiffs of it at the end of the day or night that I'm wearing it, which hasn't always been the case with Avon fragrances for me. Also, how pretty is this bottle with the sleek design and deep brown to amber ombré? Love it. Would definitely recommend if this sounds like a fragrance that you would enjoy.

The Avon Prima Noir Eau De Parfum* is, as always, available from your local Avon representative and the 50ml bottle retails for $30CAD. Check out or for more info!

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