REVIEW: Anew Clinical Line Eraser With Retinol

by - February 13, 2018

You guys know that I'm a bit of a skin care junkie. And by a bit, I mean that I am pretty much obsessed with trying out new products and seeing what really works for my skin. Recently, I decided that I really wanted to try out the Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol* from Avon and they were kind enough to send it over for me to try out. I've actually been testing this one on and off for a couple of months now to really get a feel for how it works for my skin. Boasting an exclusive Amino-Acid complex, this product claims to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles in just days.

So how did it work out for me? Keep reading for more!

As I always do when trying out a product with retinol, I introduced this into my routine slowly, using it only every other night at first. However, I found that this was an incredibly gentle product that I was able to easily move into using every day. I personally prefer to keep retinol products for use only at night, but they do say that you can use this both morning and evening and a few times I did try that and after pairing it with my SPF, it worked out quite well.
The texture of this product is a lotion serum texture that smooths over and sinks into the skin quite easily. I find that one pump is enough for my face, but if I'm also going to do my neck it's best to use two. I use this immediately after my toner step in my routine before any other serums. I wouldn't particularly say that this is a hydrating type serum, so I do like to pair it with something with hyaluronic acid as well as a nice oil for nighttime.

Currently, at 35, I'm in the first signs of aging stage with my skin. I have some fine lines, particularly around my eyes, and one deep wrinkle in my forehead that I've had since my early 20s, but the biggest thing I'm noticing is that my skin doesn't bounce back the way that it used to. I still do tend to get breakouts, particularly the hormonal variety as part of my cycle, but I've definitely lessened that with a dedicated skin care regiment. What I'm personally looking for with a retinol product isn't so much a lessening of wrinkles as a more mature woman would, but a generally more youthful look and feel with a smoother texture and skin that bounces back more quickly from issues.

Like I said, this is a really gentle formula, which leads me to believe that this is a pretty low percentage of retinol. Interestingly, I've heard that there's research that shows that a more consistent use of lower doses of retinol can be more effective, so I was pretty happy that I could reach for this every day. For testing purposes, I used this for several weeks and then took a break to see how my skin reacted. While using it consistently, there was a definite overall improvement in the texture and youthfulness of my skin, and when I stopped I definitely noticed a difference. While I wouldn't say that this was a miracle product for me personally, I'm not entirely sure that I have the types of skin issues that would allow me to say that about any products.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this product and found it effective on my skin and I have every intention of continuing to use it. I definitely saw an improvement in the texture and smoothness of my skin while using this, but it was most obvious to me when I stopped using it and my skin just didn't look as good. I've generally seen pretty great reviews

At $40CAD, I feel like this is a really affordable option if you're looking to try out a retinol product. I also think that because it's so gentle and I really didn't have any peeling, breakouts, dryness or sensitivity when using it at all, even when I started using it every single day, it could be a good option for someone who hasn't ever used a retinoid before. I personally think that everyone my age and older should be using a retinol product because it is the most effective ingredient for anti-aging, and I think this is a really solid option. 

As always, the Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol* is available from your local Avon representative and you can visit or for more info and to find a rep near you!

Thanks for reading!

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