REVIEW: Avon True Color Bright & Bold Summer Makeup

by - June 08, 2018

Although I always think of makeup as a form of play and expression, summertime is when I'm definitely more likely to step outside of my neutral comfort zone and play with bolder, brighter colors and experiment with my makeup looks. This year, Avon has some great bright options for summer in their True Color line and I'm excited to share them with you guys.

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For Summer 2018, Avon True Color has released the Sunset Beach Face & Eye Palette*, which includes four shimmery eyeshadows and a blush, as well as the Tropical Breeze Multi-Liner Lip & Eye Pencils* available in 3 bold summer shades. I think these two releases offer some really great options for those of us who want to add some pops of colour but aren't sure about going too far into the bold and colourful.

Avon True Color Sunset Beach Face & Eye Palette*
Reg Price: $15CAD | Featuring blush and four eyeshadows, this palette makes a great pairing palette for those pops of colour and shimmer in tones that are very approachable. Though this is a compact palette, the pan sizes are quite generous with the blush containing 3.4grams of product and each eyeshadow containing 1.06grams of product. They're also all embossed with quite pretty, summery patterns into the powders themselves, which makes this a really pretty palette to look at.

The blush in Sunkissed is a lovely bright, cool toned pink that I think will be fairly universal to add a really pretty flush to the cheeks without being too much. I also personally think that the eyeshadow in Coral Reef makes a really beautiful blush and I've worn it as such a couple of times and loved the look.

The eyeshadow formula in this palette is actually really impressive to me. Sandy is a beautiful bronzey gold with a lot of glow, one of my favorite types of shades for summer eye looks. Sea Glass is a bright turquoise that really pops when applied wet and looks great as a pop of colour on the lower lash line. Coral Reef is a really lovely warm coral shade and probably my favorite in the palette because it's versatile for both eyes and cheeks. And, finally, Surfside is a deep mossy green shade that would make a gorgeous green smoky eye. The shadows are smooth and quite pigmented and I find that the pickup is quite good, though I would recommend using these with eyeshadow primer and applying them wet to get the most punch from them.

Avon True Color Tropical Breeze Multi-Liner Lip & Eye*
Reg Price: $9CAD SALE PRICE $4.99 |When I opened up these liners, I swear I was 100% intrgued. The packaging is straight up neon and I couldn't wait to see how they were going to apply. Bright liners are definitely a summer thing for me, and really the only time that I reach for pencil liners these days, and the two of the three shades in this line are so incredibly unique that I feel like Avon really stepped out of the box and went for it with this launch. Impressive!

I have to admit, the cold canary yellow of Key Lime is one that I really couldn't figure out what to do with so I haven't actually tried it yet outside of this swatch. Cool Waters is a beautiful bold blue that I personally love for the waterline during the summer and it looks really beautiful paired with Sea Glass from the Sunset Beach Palette. Finally, Strawberry Parfait is a warm pink that is probably my favorite of these three shades and perfect for a really bold summer lip look that doesn't lean too far into neon. 

The formula on all three of these liners is really impressive. They're really creamy and pigmented and apply smoothly to both eyes and lips. I would say that the wear time is moderate on the ones that I tried - Cool Waters on the eyes and Strawberry Parfait on the lips - and I got a decent amount of wear but I wouldn't say that they were particularly long wearing, if that makes sense.

I have to say, I'm really, really impressed with what Avon has brought to the table with these two releases. I think the formulas are really solid - which particularly impresses me with the Sunset Beach palette since I've found that Avon eyeshadow formulas haven't been my favorite in the past - and the shades are both really bold but also really wearable (other than the yellow liner... still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with that. Overall, though, this is a really solid collection and something distinctly different for Avon.

These products are available now from your local Avon rep. Head over to or for more info and to find a representative in your area!

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