REVIEW: AVON PURE Essential Oil Blends

by - August 30, 2018

This summer has been a little bit chaotic, but I've been finding that as the nights get a little bit cooler and I start reaching for shirts with sleeves more often I'm also taking a little bit more time to indulge in self care. One of the things that I personally do for self care, which I've talked about here on the blog a few times, is aromatherapy using a diffuser and essential oil blends, so I was excited to get my hands on a couple of the Avon PURE Essential Oil Blends* and  I've been using them almost every night.

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Along with an Ultrasonic Diffuser, Avon has recently released a selection of essential oils in both singles and blends. The singles include Lavender (which I use for sleep), Sweet Orange (which I use when I want to have a little boost of energy), and Peppermint (which always makes me feel a little more alert when I'm sick.) The blends include Happiness*, Sweet Dreams*, and Zen (a fusion of Lavender, Sweet Fennel, Peppermint, and Roman Chamomile.) I personally think that they chose incredibly well when putting together this collection and curated the scents that they put out with this collection really thoughtfully.

I got to try out two of the Avon Pure Essential Oil Blends in Happiness and Sweet Dreams - both of which I was really happy to get to try since they really fit well into the types of scents that I personally like to use already. A little bit goes a long way with these scents and I would recommend maybe about 5-8 drops in a 100ml diffuser to get a distinct fragrance throughout the space without it being overwhelming. (If you're interested in seeing which diffuser I personally use, check out this post.) Initially, I was doing more like 10-12 drops and I did find it to be a little bit overwhelming, so I dropped the amount and it's just perfect for me.

Avon Pure Essential Oil Blend in Happiness*
Infuse the air with fresh, clean and exhilarating scents of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Sweet Orange.

I love a really bright, fresh citrus scent for daytime because I feel like it not only gives a really clean fragrance throughout the house, but also because I personally find these types of scents help me to be more focused and energetic. I personally like my citrus oil blends to lean more heavily on Lemon and Sweet Orange because Grapefruit can be a little bit tart, and I really find that this blend does that well. It's a really bright, energizing scent that is perfect for popping in my diffuser in the morning to help me get going and perk me up while I get ready for the day.

Avon Pure Essential Oil Blend in Sweet Dreams*
This infusion of Lavender and Roman Chamomile helps to create a serene and calming environment.

I've said in the past and I'll say it again, lavender seriously helps me calm my anxious mind so that I can fall asleep faster and get a more restful night's sleep. Whether I use a pillow spray or diffused essential oil, I always feel a really immediate stress relief from the smell of lavender, so I wasn't really surprised to really, really love this scent. I feel like lavender can be a little bit overwhelming for some people, so the addition of the Roman Chamomile is really welcome because it tempers the lavender a bit while adding its own relaxing and complementary scent. This is the one I've been reaching for most often and adding to my diffuser right before bed.

I have to say, I really love that Avon released these products. I think both of these blends are really well done and thoughtfully blended to create just the mood that they're intended to reflect. For me, Sweet Dreams is definitely the one that I know I'm probably going to work my way through quite quickly, but Happiness will definitely be in the rotation as well, especially with an epic fall house cleaning coming soon that will require a little bit of outside assistance in the energy department. 

The Avon Pure Essential Oils and Blends are available from your local Avon Representative. For more information and to find a rep near you, head over to or!

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I just wanted to put in a quick disclaimer here, because I would feel wrong if I didn't. The evidence on the effectiveness of essential oils is limited and the claims that some companies make far exceed what evidence supports. That said, there is evidence to support using aromatherapy to help with anxiety, depression, and sleep issues as well as some compelling evidence about lavender in particular for certain health conditions. I've personally had great succes with aromatherapy for improving mood and relieving anxiety and I routinely recommend it to people around me. Do not ingest these oil blends or apply them directly to your skin, that is not what they are intended for and you do risk side effects if you use them that way.

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