REVIEW: CoverGirl TruNaked Dazed Palette

by - August 08, 2018

I have to admit - and I seem to start a lot of my posts with admissions, don't I? - that what tends to get me excited in the makeup game is usually pretty neutrals. That being said, I was finding myself a little bit uninspired lately when it came to makeup. As much as I've been loving a lot of new releases, I've been finding that there hasn't really been anything coming out that's really exciting and different for me. So, of course, being that I've loved the other palettes in this collection, I decided to step a little bit outside of my comfort zone and pick up the CoverGirl TruNaked Dazed Palette when I saw it on the shelf. It's different, bringing bright, vibrant colours that I wouldn't necessarily normally grab for. What better time than summer, right?

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Unlike the other palettes that I've tried from the CoverGirl TruNaked collection, which tend to sit very firmly in the comfortable, neutral space, the Dazed palette is all colour all the time. With a full rainbow spectrum of shades in varying finishes, this palette definitely brings something completely different to the table - particularly at its very affordable drugstore price point.

Also unlike the other TruNaked palettes, which contain matte shades, this one is almost entirely shimmer, though I would say that there are different levels of shine throughout the palette. I don't really have an issue with this particular palette being overwhelmingly shimmery specifically because it is a brights palette and, for me, this type of palette is generally one that I would use paired with a neutral matte palette to get a really grounded look - though I have used this one its own as well.

When I look at this palette, it definitely feels like two quads for me. On the left side I find the shades to be quite warm and (let's face it) a little bit more wearable for a lot of us, and that's the side that I've personally reached for most in the time I've been testing this palette. On the right are the more cool toned shades that, for me, can feel a little bit more intimidating and hard to use. All of that being said, this is a really great spectrum of shades that hits all of the boxes.

The TruNaked shadow formula is actually really, really good. The textures tend to be quite soft - which is great for transfer and blendability but can be a little bit of a pain when it comes to fall out. Personally, fall out isn't a big deal for me, but I do know that it drives some people crazy so it always bears mentioning. I also feel like with all of the TruNaked palettes, if you're looking for the most impact on the lid the shimmer shades are best applied wet, so I would recommend picking it up on a flat packing brush and spritzing or misting with some kind of facial spray. I've been using a coconut water mist recently and it really makes a difference.

The first shade in this palette is a sort of warm maroon satin shade that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I'd say that because this is a satin, it can ultimately be used in the same way that you'd use a matte. When using this palette I've used this shade for my outer V and to add depth to the crease.

The next shade is a shimmery golden tangerine that makes for quite a punch on the lid. It's got quite a lot of shine when swatched, but is definitely one of those shades that really benefits from being used wet to get the most impact. 

Next is a bright shimmery lemon yellow that one might be tempted to call gold, but in my opinion is definitely yellow. Like the orange, this packs a lot of impact on the lid when used wet. Personally, I like to pair blend this with the orange in a kind of ombré and I think it looks amazing.

Finally for the left side quad is a deep leafy green satin that can be used much in the same way as the first shade. It does have some sheen, but when blended into the crease or outer V, it loses some of the shine and performs more like a matte shade. For me, this is definitely going to be a shade I'll reach for in the fall.

The first of the cooler shades in this palette is a navy blue shimmer that I find packs more shine than the earlier deeper shades. This is a cool toned smoky eye lid shade if I've ever seen one and, admittedly, not one that I'll personally reach for often. However, I think this type of shade looks incredible on women with deeper skin tones and it's one of the best formulas of this type of shade that I've found, probably the best at a drugstore price point.

Next is a bright turquoise satin matte shade, which is the only matte in this palette, and is by far the most densely pigmented shade of all eight. It's a stunning shade and I personally love it for use on the lower lash line when paired with a golden summer smoky eye. It's just... so good, you guys!

Next we have a bright shimmery grape shade that miraculously avoids being hit with the purple curse of bad pigmentation. This one is a winner with dense pigment, a nice shine, and a really smooth finish. Though I don't personally reach for purple very often, I do think a lot of people will get use out of this shade.

Finally, the one shade in the palette that I wish had been subbed out for something else, a very shimmery gunmetal grey. Though this has a great formula with shimmer that doesn't get lost in the deep base and would probably work well for a smoky eye, I'd have loved to have seen this replaced with a bright red shade because I don't feel like it fits and I know that I personally won't use it.

Overall, I think this is a great drugstore addition, though it won't be for everyone. Personally, I don't love to spend a lot of money on bright eyeshadows because I know that they're not going to be something that I reach for consistently, but the drugstore tends to be pretty lacking, so I think it was smart of CoverGirl to go this route. I also think that the TruNaked shadow formula is a really impressive one that always performs and the palettes all tend to be really well curated, so choosing one of these palettes based on what you're looking for is a good idea. Would recommend this palette if you're looking for an affordable brights palette with a solid formula and performance.

The CoverGirl TruNaked Dazed Palette is available now wherever CoverGirl is sold!

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