FIVE FOR FALL: My Favorite Fall Blush Shades

by - September 26, 2018

Hey guys! Sorry for the impromptu hiatus here on the blog. I got pretty sick and spent the better part of a week asleep, so the blog had to take a back seat, but I'm back! Since fall is by far my favorite makeup season - which I suspect is true for a lot of people - I sat down recently and pulled out some of my absolute favorites to not only feature here on the blog, but also to put into my everyday makeup drawers so I can reach for them easily myself. I feel like the season change offers not only the inevitably exciting new makeup releases but also the opportunity to shop your own stash and pull out products that you might have forgotten in the back of a drawer somewhere.

I'll be doing a few of these Five For Fall posts coming up soon, but I really wanted to start with blush because I feel like I wear very specific types of shades at this time of year and I think I could offer some insight not only into specific products but into why I reach for certain types of shades and finishes at this time of year as well.

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Clinique - Cola Pop
This was never a blush that I would have even picked up and swatched if it hadn't been for the very, very passionate love shown to it by Jen from Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious and Chelle from Makeup Your Mind, both of  whom I trust for recommendations and both of whom have are quite fair that convinced me that I might actually be able to wear this blush. Because there's a buildable sheerness to the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes - which is part of why it's a favorite formula of mine - this shade that looks like it should never get anywhere near fair skin in the pan is actually really lovely when buffed into the cheeks. I do use a fairly light hand and really work it into the skin, but it gives me a healthy flush that's great as the weather gets colder and transitions really beautifully into winter as well.  

Laura Geller - Sateen Subtle Berry 
I wasn't going to include this one because I know it isn't available anymore... but this is literally the blush I reach for most often in these earlier stages of fall when the days are still warm, but the eye looks are already more vampy so I really had to just throw it in here. I don't always like a glowy blush in the fall because I do tend to gravitate more towards really airbrushed, matte makeup looks at this time of year, but some days I do want a more freshfaced, glowy look, especially when the season change is effecting my sleep patterns and moods as it tends to do, and this is what I always reach for on those days that I need a little pick me up. It blends the bronzey warmth with the berry for a really perfect warm flush.

Maison Jacynthe - Romeo*
This is definitely another blush that looks really intimidating in the pan and is honestly probably more suited for deeper skin tones, but when used with a light hand and a more subtle, golden eye look can really make a statement. Also, on the skin I feel like this does pull a little bit more red than the orange that it looks like in the pan, which can give a really great fall look. If you're fair skinned like me and these types of shades are scary for you, I would still recommend giving one of them a go at this time of year - just dab your brush into the pan once and pat off any excess onto the back of your hand and you should be able to get a nice blend and avoid moving into clown territory. 

Milani Cosmetics - Romantic Rose
Because I do tend to go for bolder eye and lip looks in the fall, I think it's important to have blushes on hand that add some subtle color to the cheeks without being too heavy, and I think this blush from Milani is absolutely perfect for that on my skin tone. Whether I'm going for the really warm toned orange looks that everyone loves or the more purple or olive tones that I also personally gravitate towards in the fall, this neutral pink blush pairs really well to give a soft lift to the cheeks without adding too much colour and making the look feel overwhelming. It's also matte, which I love as I move away from the more sunkissed glowy summer looks and into more perfected looks in the fall. 

Wet N Wild - Rose Champagne
Admittedly, this isn't so much just a fall blush for me as a blush that I absolutely love all year long. It does lean a little bit more peachy than the other shades in this list, but I like use it very much the same way I use Milani Romantic Rose, but when I want a little bit of glow and a little bit less of that pink tone. I think that this is one drugstore blush that literally every fair to light skinned makeup wearer should own. It's fairly underwhelming in the pan and especially in a finger swatch, but it just does something when applied to the cheeks that always looks stunning regardless of what else you have going on on the face. 

In the summer, I definitely think I lean more towards bright shades in the peachy/coral or cool toned pink category - or I just skip the blush all together and rely on bronzer for the colour and dimension in my face. But in the fall, blush definitely tends to take more of a center stage. As you can tell, I definitely move into more warm toned pinks and reds as we move closer to sweater weather. This is really mostly due to how the rest of my makeup changes at this time of year, since choosing a blush is often more about everything else that's going on on your face than it is about just wanting to wear that blush. I guess that's my #1 piece of advice when it comes to blush at any time of year, apply it after eyes to be sure that your whole look works cohesively. 

So there you have it... My favorite fall blushes from my collection. I'd love to hear in the comments about what your favorite fall blushes are so that I can check them out - I seriously have an obsession with blush and I'm always excited to try out new ones!

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