MANI MONDAY: Gradient Silhouette Halloween Nails

by - October 29, 2018

I have to admit, I'm getting a little bit fatigued on Halloween nail art now that I'm on my 10th day of 12 straight new Halloween mani's. If you haven't checked out my 12 Days Of Halloween, head over to my nail art Instagram @pblnails to take a look - I think there are some good ones in there! One mani that I really, really wanted to put together this year, though, was a gradient with creepy silhouette stamping. It's definitely one of the more common Halloween nail art looks these days, but it's just so impactful that I just can't help but love it!

For a closer look and to see how I got this look, keep reading!

For this mani, I started with a pretty simple gradient. Though I've really enjoyed more neon, sunset coloured gradients with this type of look, I really wanted to keep it simple with a nighttime blue sky. This is a three colour gradient, which is my personal favorite to do. The shades I used are Pure from Ceramic Glaze, Udon Know Me from essie, and Navy I Do from Sinful Colours. Whenever I do a gradient, I like to top it with a holo top coat to help blend the colours together to get a smoother transition and, in this case, add some dense stars to the night sky. For this mani, I used KBShimmer Prism Break, which is a super fine holo top coat perfect for topping gradients. 

For the stamping, I used images from 2 different plates. For the grave stones and the haunted house, I used images from BornPrettyStore BPL-031 and for the tree and the cat, I used images from BornPrettyStore BPX-L007. Both of these stamping plates have been getting a lot of play during this past month and I really loved how these images worked for this particular look. 

Like I said, this is a mani that is super common amongst nail artists at this time of year and it's one of my absolute favorites! I just feel like you can't wrong with this type of look, whether you employ stamping like I did or choose to reach for nail vinyls or hand paint it yourself. It's also one of those looks that has a lot of payoff in impact without being too overly difficult. I definitely encourage people to try this one out!

With Halloween coming up in a couple of days, be sure to check out Cosmetic Proof, See The World In Pink and Tea & Nail Polish to see what they've got going on their nails this week for our #CBBxManiMonday! And don't forget to check out @pblnails for more of my Halloween nail art looks!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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