REVIEW: Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream

by - October 30, 2018

Hand cream is one of those products that I use every day - and at this time of year, several times a day - that tends not to get a lot of love. However, recently I was meandering around my local Shoppers Drug Mart killing some time and scoping out what was new on the shelves and I saw a few hand creams from Cake that I don't remember ever seeing on Canadian shelves. Admittedly, the packaging drew me in and I was tempted to try out all three, but after pausing to reign myself in and giving each one a little sniff, I decided to pick up the Cake Milk Made Candied Oat Milk Velveteen Hand Cream, which boasts Cake's iconic candied milk cake scent.  

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Enriched with oat milk concentrate and marshmallow root extract, Cake's beloved formula is milky smooth and velveteen soft. Slowly whipped to achieve an air-like texture, this beautifier effortlessly glides across your hands, sinking in gently for a spectacularly supple finish, without the harsh chemicals. Topped off with the iconic scent of Cake's candied milk cake, this hand cream is the ultimate in birthday-party-nostalgia.

Admittedly, I would probably keep using this hand cream even if I didn't like it just for the scent alone, but I also really like the formula. This is what I would call a daytime hand cream. Most of us don't have the luxury of being able to have a heavy hand cream on during the day because so many formulas can be at least a little bit greasy, but I find that as long as I apply a small dollup of this one, it sinks in quickly and leaves my hands with a silky feeling rather than a greasy one. It strikes a really good balance for me, because as you apply and work it into the skin it has a nice, rich creaminess, but once it sinks into the skin it really lives up to its velveteen name. I'd say that the hydration that this hand cream gives lasts pretty well through a regular day and as long as I don't have to wash my hands too often, I don't have to reapply all that often either. 

I'm not super familiar with the Cake line of products, but what I have tried has really, really worked for me, so I'm absolutely looking forward to trying more from the brand. Because I've really enjoyed this hand cream so much, next on my list is the other two hand creams in their stable. Overall, I'd really recommend this - as long as you like the scent. I feel like that could be a deal breaker for people with this, because the scent is quite sweet and not at all subtle, so it'll have to be one that you enjoy. Luckily, I love the smell of it and get a happy feeling every time I put this on my hands!

I picked up the Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, but it's also available online at!

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