NAIL ART: Dollarstore Stamping Polish Find!

by - November 16, 2018

One of the things that I think discourages some people from getting into nail stamping is that you tend to have to order supplies online. I know that for me, particularly when I decided to get into stamping, the cost of ordering from North American brands and the wait times associated with ordering cheaper products from overseas drove me absolutely crazy. Earlier this year, Essence released a stamping plate and clear stamper available locally in stores, which I think could definitely draw some new people to in, but though they claimed you can use it with any polish, those of us who really enjoy stamping know that isn't entirely true. There are definitely some great polishes that you can get at the drugstore that get it done, but I've found that most of the time a real stamping polish will still always win.

However, recently, I discovered some polishes in the dollarstore that seriously rival some of my stamping polishes and I couldn't resist sharing them with you guys because I know some people will be seriously excited about this find.

Keep reading to take a look at the polishes and check out swatches!

I actually discovered the first of these polishes in my collection months ago now, but just recently saw a new display that looked like it had very much the same formula. If you're unfamiliar with the TiVoli polishes, they're available in a whole raft of shades at the Dollar Tree here in Canada. While I've actually tried several of their different finishes, today I'm going to be talking very specifically about their metallic shades because those are the ones that stamp best for me. While I have tried more shades than this, I really wanted to showcase the shades that really work the best so I went with these six. They don't have shade names as far as I can tell, so I'm just going to call them what they look like (and what I've named them on my pop sticks!)

TiVoli Rose Gold Metallic Nail Polish 
This is the first one I picked up and it's an absolute stunner. I say rose gold because it does have that strong metallic, but it's actually more of a true warm pink shade. As you can see in the swatch, this shows up really vibrantly over both black and white. It's super pigmented and has really crisp, clean pick up and transfer on the nails. You can actually see this polish in action in this mani, which I think really drives home how beautiful this polish is for stamping.

TiVoli Lavender Metallic Nail Polish
This is another stunner, though I would caution that it doesn't show up quite as firmly lavender on the nail as it does in the bottle. I would say that this plays more as a very cool, slightly purple silver on the nails. Still, it's absolutely gorgeous and has really beautiful pick up. I would say that this one isn't quite as densely pigmented as the rose gold, but I can't imagine that anyone is going to be disappointed with the payoff on this one.

TiVoli Baby Blue Satin Nail Polish
This is the only on in this set of polishes that doesn't have that really molten metallic finish. I'd definitely say this is more of a true satin, with sheen more than shimmer, but it's super densely pigmented and shows up really beautifully and crisply over the black. It's a little harder to see and does end up looking a little bit more silvery over white, but I actually think the payoff is quite good for it being a really pale shade. And over black? STUNNER.

TiVoli Green Metallic Nail Polish
For me, this one is honestly just okay and doesn't quite have the intensity of pigmentation of some of the other shades. I found that with the deeper and more brightly coloured metallic shades from Tivoli, you do get nice pay off over light shades, but they don't show up nearly as well over black. It's not really surprising, since it's hard to keep those shades from disappearing into the black. That said, I do think this still shows up pretty well, especially when you catch the light. 

TiVoli Gold Metallic Nail Polish
I feel like I don't use a lot of gold stamping polish, though it does tend to be a shade that consistently works well. Also, with Christmas coming up, I know it's a shade that I will be reaching for more than usual and this one is both really, really good and also falls between the very yellow gold and the very neutral golds that I already have in my stamping collection. It's not quite as intensely pigmented as the Rose Gold, but it still gets the job done quite well and picks up and transfers really cleanly.

TiVoli Copper Metallic Nail Polish
Of all of the polishes, this is definitely the one that I would say is closest in formula to the Rose Gold. It's super pigmented and really shows up well over both the black and the white. One thing I like about this particular shade is that it's not one that I'll reach for all that often and not one that I would have picked up at a higher price point, but it's nice to have in my collection for future nail art looks for only $1.25.

As you can see, there is definitely some variation in finish and formula with these, but they show up consistently pretty well over both colours. And, in fact, I actually found that getting a photo to really do justice was almost impossible and hope you'll trust me when I tell you that these look even better in person, particulaly the Green and Gold shades. 

Like I said, I did try some other shades in this line - a shimmery black, a fuscia, a bright purple, and a chocolately brown - and they transferred quite well, but just didn't match up to these shades as far as payoff was concerned. Still, if you're looking for something to stamp over light shades, those could be a great option. 

If you're on the hunt for affordable and/or locally available stamping polishes, I feel like these could be a great place to start. While you're there, if you're looking for a standard black and white stamping polishes, you might consider looking at the Billie Cosmetics polishes. Their French White is solidly good for stamping (and smells SO BAD) and I was actually impressed with how well their Black shade picked up and transferred. Those two don't quite match up to real stamping polishes for me, but they'll definitely work if you don't want to order stamping polish online.

I really hope that this was helpful, guys! It feels a little bit random, but I was so impressed with how these polishes stamped and I literally couldn't find anything about them online, so I felt like I had to share.

Thanks for reading!

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