5 LOOKS 1 PALETTE: Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette

by - January 11, 2019

Generally, I like to include 3 looks with any larger palette review that I do, but I fell so in love with the Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette that I decided to do 5 looks and give them their own post. Because for the past couple of years brands seem to have really jumped onto the idea of palettes that are really, really themed as far as shades are concerned, I really wanted to underscore the versatility of this palette because I feel like it really balances wearability and versatility really well. I tried to make every look distinctly different and try to really see what this palette can do, and overall I feel like I managed to do that, but that there's also a lot more that this palette can do that I haven't tried yet.  If you haven't read my full review yet, click here to check it out - but spoiler alert, it's basically a RAVE review. 

Keep reading to check out the 5 looks I put together!

I have to say that something that struck me with each of these looks is just how much intensity they have in person. With every single one of these, I kept finding myself struck with how great they looked any time I got a glimpse in the mirror throughout the day. When it comes to those anchoring crease shades, I was consistently impressed with how beautiful, rich, and true to colour they stayed throughout the day. 

Blueberry Spotlight Eye
For this look, I started with a light dusting of Soft N Sweet through the crease (more for my comfort than anything else) as a transition. Next, I went in with a blending brush and built Blueberry Muffin up slowly into my crease. I felt like it was important to build it slowly because it could easily get to be too much. Next, I went in with Blackberry on a very small brush and packed it tightly into the crease as well as onto my outer and inner corners before coming back in with Blueberry Muffin to soften and blend that colour. I applied a little bit of concealer to the center of my lid with with a brush and softened the edges with my fingertip and then packed Sugar Cookie on wet with a flat shader brush onto the center of the lid. To soften the spotlight, I came back in with my blending brush and gently stroked over the edges without adding any more product to the brush. For the lower lashline, I smudged a little bit of Blueberry Muffin to the outer corner before blending across my entire lower lash line with Toasted. I added It Cosmetics Superhero Liner and SocialEyes Lush Vegan False Lashes* and then applied a generous coat of Essence Volume Stylist 18hr Last Extension Mascara.

Wear Time: I only wore this look for about 5 hours in the evening, but it stayed put really well, maintained intensity and didn't smudge or travel. 

Cranberry Contoured Eye
For this look, I started with a thin coat of concealer to prime my eyes. Next, I fluffed some Sweet Cream onto the brow bone for highlight before going in with Soft N Sweet on a fluffy brush through my crease as a transition. Using a slightly smaller fluffy brush, I then went it with Bittersweet through the crease to add a really berry tone through there. Next, I went in with Cherry Juice through the crease and outer corner, really focusing on packing it onto the outer corner for depth, because I didn't want to muddy the colour by having to add anything darker. Using a flat packing brush, I then applied Cranberry to the center of the lid before flipping the brush over and applying Sugar Cookie to the inner corner, blending the two colours together by flipping the brush over to blend. For the lower lashline, I applied a little bit of Cherry Juice to the outer corner to connect to the lid and then blended along the entire lash line with Bittersweet on a tiny fluffy brush. I finished with a coat of It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara on the upper and lower lashline.

Wear Time: 15 hours. I applied this look at about 7am and removed it around 10pm. I was really impressed with how well the intensity of the outer corner lasted. There was a little bit of fading and the outer corner looked a little bit patchy by the time I removed my makeup, but it still looked really good.

Simple Neutral Contoured Eye
I wanted to go in the direction of something really basic and neutral for this review as well since I'd gone so bold on the other two looks and wanted to test the versatility of this palette. I started by priming the lid with a thin coat of concealer before I went in with a light dusting of Sweet Cream on the brow bone as a highlight. Next, I used a fluffy blending brush to blend Soft N Sweet through my crease as a transition. Next, using a smaller blending brush, I took Toasted through the crease to adds some dimension. Using the same brush, I picked up Chocolate Mousse and worked it into the crease and patted it into the outer corner for a really classic contoured eye. For the pop on the lid, I applied Honey Dip wet with a flat shader brush and blended it into the matte outer corner. To define the lower lash line, I used a tiny fluffy blending brush to apply a light dusting of Soft N Sweet from the outer to inner corner. I finished with a fine swipe of It Cosmetics Superhero Liner and two coats of Catrice Glam N Doll False Lash Mascara.

Wear Time: 15.5 hours. I applied this around 7am as well and took it off around 10:30pm. Of all of the looks from this palette, this is definitely the one that wore the best. At the end of the day, this basically looked as good as it did mid day, with very minimal fading and no patchiness.

Deep Purple Contoured Eye
I almost didn't share this look because I'd already done a berry look, but I decided that since this one is so much more cool toned I would go ahead and still share it. I started with a layer of Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer. I started by applying Toasted through the crease with a fluffy brush as my transition. Next, I went in with Bittersweet through the crease on a slightly more tapered blending brush to really  bring that sort of grape tone. This took some building to get to the intensity that I wanted, but it applied and blended really well. For my lid shade, I packed Sugar Cookie on the inner half of my lid before going back in with my tapered blending brush to get a smooth transition. I decided that I wanted to add more depth, so with a light hand and the same blending brush, I added a light amount of Blackberry into the outer V, building slowly and moving back and forth between Blackberry and Bittersweet until I got my desired intensity and blend. For the lower lash line, I went in with a light dusting of Toasted to add some definition without really adding any colour. I finished with two coats of Essence Volume Stylist 18hr Last Extension Mascara on the upper and lower lash line.

Wear Time: 14 Hours. Again, I applied this around 7am and wore it until about 9pm when I removed it. I did notice a little bit more fading around the outer corner of the intensity of this look, but it was also an incredibly long and stressful day, so I didn't really expect my eyeshadow to be flawless after 14 hours.

Marsala Smoky Eye
For my final look, I really wanted to put Warm Pie to the test, so I put together this simple, mostly matte eye look. I started with a thin coat of concealer to prep the lids. Next, I fluffed a light dusting of Sweet Cream over the brow bone as a highlight. I went in with a large fluffy brush and blended Soft N Sweet into my crease as a transition. Next, using a tapered blending brush, I picked up Warm Pie and blended it all over the lid and up into the crease. To add some depth to the outer V, I started by blending Chocolate Mousse into the area, but decided that it didn't add enough dimension to the look, so I went in with Blackberry and blended it over the outer V for what ended up being a subtle but fairly impactful definition. For the lower lash line, I used a tiny fluffy blending brush and worked Warm Pie across the entire lower line and softly blended it out with a little bit of Soft N Sweet. I finished with a coat of It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara on the upper lashes and L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof on the lower lash line.

Wear Time: 15 hours. This was applied at 7am and removed around 10pm. The intensity lasted for the most part, but for about the last 3-4 hours I did notice some patchiness and fading around the inner and outer corner of the lid.

As you can see from the looks, the berry theme of this palette comes through, but it's varied and versatile. I feel like this is a stark contrast to something like the Urban Decay NAKED Cherry or the HUDA Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette, which both live very much in a berry toned space and don't have a lot of versatility as a result.

Between the quality and performance of these shades and the curation, which I feel is really, really well thought out, this palette definitely stands out as certainly one of my favorite palettes I've personally tried in the past couple of years.

The Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette is available at Sephora and retails for $55CAD ($42US)!

Thanks for reading!

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