REVIEW: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Full Coverage Foundation

by - March 27, 2019

I feel like lately the internet has been really encouraging me to try out some things that I almost certainly would have passed on if not for a strong recommendation from a trusted source. While I do try a decent number of different drugstore foundations, I tend to stick to brands that have done me right in the past, but in the past year or so I feel like there have been some surprises from brands that I wouldn't have expected to really enjoy. Enter the new Hard Candy Glamoflauge Full Coverage Foundation. I think it's fair to say that Hard Candy isn't really a brand that a lot of people look to for complexion products, but when one of my favorite and most trusted Youtubers gave this one a good review and I saw that it was only like $7, I went for it. 

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Glamoflauge full coverage foundation is oil free, long wearing, super smooth liquid makeup that lasts for up to 16 hours.
Glides on effortlessly, leaving skin looking naturally flawless without caking, creasing or fading. The lightweight formula offers full coverage, yet feels weightless and comfortable with added Vitamin E.

This foundation comes in a really sturdy glass bottle with a large, sort of flat and rounded wand applicator. It only contains 20ml of product, so while it does only cost $6.98CAD for the bottle, it's actually about $10 per ounce. For me, I really don't mind the smaller bottle, especially since it's so affordable, but I did think that it bore mentioning. Overall, I think this is a really solid value, especially considering the upgraded packaging from the plastic bottle that the old formula was sold in. 

I know a lot of people don't like wand applicators for sanitary purposes, but I honestly don't really care personally. If I like the formula, I'm pretty much always going to choose a complexion product with a wand applicator over something that I have to squeeze or pump out onto my hand for application. And I really do think this is a solid wand applicator. It holds a good amount of product, though I wouldn't say that it holds a full face of product unless you're going to apply it very, very lightly. I don't mind that either, though, because I tend to apply this product to my face in sections rather than everywhere at once. 

For me, this is definitely a formula where a little bit goes a long way and I would recommend being careful not too apply too much because I feel like a too-thick layer would definitely end up being cakey on the skin. I like to apply a thin layer to first one cheek, then the other, and then finally the forehead to get an even, blended appearance before it sets. Because, my friends, this is a foundation that definitely sets and once it does, blending it becomes pretty tricky. Once it's blended out, this looks really, really beautiful on the skin and gives a solid medium to full coverage. I don't think it's completely full coverage, because I have had to use concealer over blemishes, but for a general evening out of the skin tone this works beautifully. 

The wear time on this foundation is truly fantastic and I find that my skin looks pretty much just as good at the end of the work day as it did first thing in the morning. I've also found that my powder products don't seem to fade as much on this foundation as they do on some others, which is fantastic. 

(First shade I bought. Definitely too light. Warmed up with blush & bronzer. No setting powder.)

The first bottle I picked up of this (pictured) was in shade Ultra Light (though I did actually intend to buy the next shade up which is called Vanilla) and it was pretty pasty on my skin, so I decided to go three shades up and pick up the shade Buff so that I could mix to find my perfect shade. Buff will actually probably be my summer shade on its own, but I do add a little bit of Ultra Light to it for my skin tone now and it works beautifully. The Hard Candy website lists 18 available shades, but I'm pretty sure that my Walmart only had 8-10 of them on the shelf, so it might be a little bit difficult to find your shade in store.

Overall, I do think this foundation is very much worth the hype. I personally love the coverage and the finish on the skin - which is a little bit surprising since I tend to lean towards more medium coverage, natural finish foundations - and I don't find that it cakes up or creases on me. It really does live up to the coverage and wear claims that it makes. Honestly, I think this might actually be my new favorite drugstore foundation because it really does hit the notes of having both a great formula and a really, really affordable price point. I highly recommend!

The Hard Candy Glamoflauge Full Coverage Foundation is available now exclusively at Walmart and retails for $6.98CAD!

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