REVIEW: Morphe Brushes Available @ Sephora

by - March 20, 2019

I have way too many makeup brushes. I mean, that statement could probably be true for most of my beauty collection, but it's definitely true for brushes. Of course, there are really only a few specific types of brushes that I use and I'm likely going to do a declutter soon to get rid of the brushes that I just don't reach for and make brush cleaning day both a little more frequent and a little less of an endeavor. For Christmas, I got my first Morphe brush and since then I've picked up a few more, and I wanted to give a quick review of a few of them because I've honestly been much more impressed than I was expecting to be. 

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Morphe is one of those brands that really, really quickly rose to prominence, but I'll admit that I had reservations when it came to their products regardless of how many people raved about them. I have to say, I suspect that I'm not alone in those particular feelings. There really are sort of two things that led me to picking these three products up. First, for Christmas I received the M573 Pointed Deluxe Blender (not included in this review, as I wanted to keep this specific to products available at Sephora) as a gift and I immediately really, really loved how it performed and found I wanted to try more. Second, these products became available locally in Sephora stores, which is definitely more likely to get me to actually pull the trigger and pick things up. If not for those two things, I probably wouldn't have bought anything from Morphe yet. 

This type of brush, best compared to the MAC 217 brush that everyone is familiar with, is one that I use pretty much every day in my routine. It's a tapered blending brush that's pinched at the ferrule which makes it really versatile for both packing on shadow as well as blending it out. I feel like this is the type of brush that everyone needs to have in their collection and probably the first brush I would recommend any newcomer to pick up. Of course, that being said, this is also a type of brush that most people already have at least one of in their collection.

As far as the quality of this brush, I think it's really solid. The bristles are really soft and since it's still fairly new to me they are still quite tightly packed. One thing about this type of brush is that after a few washings the bristles do tend to spread and it becomes a little more fluffy and less precise - not a criticism of the brush, just a reality of this style. 

When it comes to actual performance, this is a really stunning brush. The bristles pick up product really, really well and it blends really seamlessly. The way that I tend to use this brush is to both pack product onto the outer corner of the lid and then blend it through the crease to really work it into my transition and crease shades for a seamless look, and it really gets the job done. I've actually had a favorite brush in this style for several years now and this one definitely lives up to it and I don't feel any need to repurchase now that my older brush is getting a little janky. Overall, this is a solid and staple brush, if somewhat underwhelming in how similar it is to other brushes I already own. 

Morphe M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease
Like I said above, I got the Morphe M573 Pointed Deluxe Blender for Christmas and I have to say, it's pretty much identical to this brush. I was actually trying to figure out the difference between them, so I checked the website, and apparently this brush has 3/4" bristles while the M573 has 5/8" bristles, but honestly when I hold them side by side I really can't noticed any real difference between these two brushes. All of that being said, I think this brush shape is actually pretty difficult to find at an affordable price point otherwise and it has become a serious staple in my collection. 

Like the last brush, I think this is a really good quality brush. The bristles have spread a little bit as I've been using it and it's gotten a little bit fluffier but it's still narrow enough that I'm able to get a pretty precise application of the product. 

I absolutely love this brush. In fact, I think that if you're thinking about trying out Morphe brushes for the first time, like myself, this is a phenomenal place to start specifically because this brush shape is a little bit less common. When I use this, I actually tend to use the side of the brush to pick up product and then turn the brush to blend it in with the tip, and it works really well. It picks up and transfers product beautifully and blends out really well also. Of everything in this post, I think this is definitely my personal favorite and I'm definitely not sad to have a few of them in my rotation.

Morphe Highlight & Contour Blending Sponge
I have a pretty hefty collection of blending sponges in my collection and I feel like I've pretty much seen it all when it comes to trying them. The thing that made this one really stand out to me was the two flat edges, because generally when I use any of my favorite sponges I tend to almost exclusively use the flat edge to blend out product. That said, I did find myself wishing that rather than coming to a point, I wish that this had a rounded back end because I think that sharp edge at the point of the two flat sides is great for precision work and a rounded end would make it a little bit more versatile.

Initially I wasn't so sure about this sponge because it's quite firm even once it's wet and there's really nothing worse than those really hard sponges that feel like you're punching yourself in the face while you're using it. Luckily, though, this actually feels quite nice in practice and it didn't feel too rough at all. 

On my first use, I really wasn't sure about the sponge, but as I've continued to use it I really quite enjoy it. It does a really amazing job of blending out my foundation and concealer, which is really the only part of my routine that I use a sponge for, and because it's a little bit more dense I find that it really doesn't soak up much product at all. I think that's actually probably my favorite part. The other thing that I really, really love about it is the feel. It has the most velvety feel on the skin, again because it's so dense, so the experience of using it is really lovely. I also really like that flat edge because it really allows me to get into all the nooks and crannies on my face and create a really sharp line. While I don't think this is going to replace my favorite sponge, it's really, really solid and I'm definitely going to keep it in the rotation. 

I have to say, I'm more impressed than I thought I would be with Morphe brushes. Maybe it's because the brand is so hyped that I started to not trust the hype, but I really didn't think that I would love these brushes anywhere near as much as I do. Honestly, I really want to look into getting more Morphe brushes into my collection and I suspect that sooner than later I'll definitely pick up the ones that are available at Sephora and hope that they start to stock more. 

If you've been curious about trying out Morphe brushes, I definitely recommend both of these eye brushes, and if you're in the market for a new sponge I think this is a really unique and lovely one (though keep it mind it isn't going to be super fluffy and soft like some others!)

All three of these products are available now at Sephora in store and online!

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