REVIEW: Wet N Wild Color Icon My Glamour Squad Palette

by - March 21, 2019

I don't have any trouble admitting that when it comes to new releases of the Wet N Wild 10 Pan Color Icon palettes, I'm basically interested in picking all of them up. Based on the previous 4 releases, which I generally really enjoyed and have continued to use fairly regularly, and the fact that the price point is basically unbeatable, I'm pretty much always going to want to grab them and try them out for myself. As I write this, I've picked up three of them so far, but I suspect that the fourth will also inevitably end up in my collection. For my first review, I wanted to go with the first one I picked up, which is the Wet N Wild Color Icon My Glamour Squad palette. 

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What initially drew me to this palette was definitely the fact that it reminded me of a warmer version of the Nude Awakening palette from the first release in this collection. Initially, I thought that palette was going to be boring, full of things I already owned, and easily forgotten in my collection but it has actually become my favorite of the four palettes from the first release and definitely my most used. I feel like this palette is probably best described as the warmer version of that palette and will ultimately work in very much the same way as a sort of every day palette for the neutral lover.  

I think that when we're all wrapped up in the beauty community, with large collections and a very seen it all kind of feeling when it comes to makeup, it can be really easy to forget that a very large portion of the population really does keep their eyeshadow quite neutral and understated, and this type of palette sells well because of it. For me, someone who tends to wear more lowkey eye looks Monday to Friday for work, this is the kind of palette that I reach for quite often because it's sort of a workhorse that allows me to create really pretty, but also really simple and easy-to-wear looks for every day wear, and I think there's significant value in that for a lot of people. 

With all of this talk about the curation and shade selection, I feel like I would be remiss in not saying that I have seen some pretty solid swatch comparisons of this palette to the Anastasia Soft Glam and it very much feels like a dupe. I never ended up grabbing Soft Glam, though it was on my wish list, but I think that the same thing that stopped me from picking up that palette - it was just very basic and every day - are the things that I personally value in this much lower cost option. 

One thing that I really love about this curation is the way that the shades, particularly the mattes, play together. You can really easily build a look with a lot of depth just by really layering and blending these mattes together. On top of that, I feel like this palette is surprisingly versatile for being so neutral and very much in the same lane. You can keep it quite simple with a really basic contoured eye or you can take it to a pretty glam place by bringing in the black and gold shades for more drama. Ultimately, while this is a basic palette, it's put together in a way that really makes it incredibly functional. There's really only one change that I would personally make to this palette and that's to replace one of the more rosy shimmer shades with a more unique shimmer shade or with a matte highlight shade, simply because I feel like they aren't unique enough in how they look on the eye to make them both vital to the palette. 

Now let's get into formula, shall we? One thing that I've consistently been impressed with when it comes to the Wet N Wild Color Icon palettes is their mattes. I feel like these are some of the best matte shades in the drugstore, for sure, and I never find myself at all concerned that they won't perform. In this palette, I really feel like they've managed to maintain that formula really well. They're smooth and creamy in texture, they pick up and transfer really well on a brush, and they build and blend really seamlessly for looks with a lot of depth. 

The shimmery or more metallic shades in this palette are also really, really lovely, in my opinion. They're really smooth and pigmented and pick up and apply quite easily. I do find that these have more impact and cling a little bit better to the skin if they're applied wet (or over a slightly tacky primer) but they're also really pretty applied in a sort of soft wash for a more subtle look. 

For this look I started with a fluffy blending brush and went in with Shade 1 through and above the crease as my transition. Next, I switched to a slightly smaller blending brush and used Shade 10 to add depth and definition into the crease and outer V before using that same brush to work some of Shade 4 into the outer V to add a little bit more depth. For the lid, I started with Shade 7 applied wet using a flat shader brush to the middle portion of the lid and then applied Shade 6 went on the inner third of the lid, flipping the brush back and forth to blend the two. For the lower lash line, I used a small shader brush to work Shade 1 all the way across the eye and then a small, clean blending brush to soften the line. 

For this look I started with a fluffy blending brush and went in with Shade 1 through and above the crease as my transition. Next, I went in with a smaller blending brush and Shade 4 on top of that, focusing it into the crease to really add that reddish tone to the look. To add depth to the outer V, I went in with a little bit of Shade 10 and focused it really into the outer corner. For the lid, I used a flat shader brush to Shade 3 across the inner two thirds of my lid and then used what was left of Shade 3 on my blending brush to get a nice blend between those two shades. For the lower lash line, I used a small shader brush to work Shade 1 across the inner two thirds of the eye and Shade 4 just towards the outer corner before going in with a small, clean blending brush to soften.

Overall, I really think that this palette could end up being polarizing in the drugstore. I know that some people will fall completely in love with it and others will find it really boring. For me, personally, this is a palette that I really, really enjoy and one that I know will be a workhorse in my collection. It's not the most exciting, but it's really good quality and I think the curation makes it a really wearable, functional palette. Like I said, for me sometimes I just want a really good wearable palette and I think this definitely fits that at a really good price point.

The new Wet N Wild Color Icon My Glamour Squad Palette is available now online and in stores!

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