REVIEW: Nature Box Almond Oil Body Wash

by - April 17, 2019

Ever since my mom bought me almond scented biodegradable soap for camp when I was maybe 9 or 10, I've been obsessed with anything almond scented. Seriously, that smell has some of the best scent memories for me and I always find that the experience of using it makes me feel genuinely happy. So, of course, whenever I see "Almond' on a body or hair care product, I shamelessly open the cap and take a sniff to see if it needs to come home with me. Admittedly, usually it actually doesn't because most products just contain sweet almond oil and don't actually have an almond scent. However, recently I was just checking out what was new in my local body care aisle and I took a sniff of the Nature Box Almond Oil Body Wash and it was game over. Directly into my basket it went. And I really, really wanted to share it with you guys!

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WITH 100% COLD PRESSED OIL: Body Wash formulated with 100% Cold-Pressed Natural Almond Oil, including the antioxidant Vitamin E.
FORMULATED WITHOUT: This luxurious body wash is formulated without sulfates, silicones, parabens and artificial colorants.
IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN- for a soft and moisturized skin feeling, suitable for sensitive skin!
VEGAN FORMULA: 100% Vegan formula so your body AND mind can feel good about the product you are using.
ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: Bottle made with 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials. See bottle label for proper recycling/disposal directions.

The natural almond scent plays the main role in this fragrance creation. In all three fragrance parts we find clear almond aspects. In the top note supplemented with bergamot, in the heart the almond blossom with valuable rose and magnolia aspects. And in the warm, soft base almond paired with musk and vanilla.

THISSMELLSSOGOOD!!! Honestly, as far as almond scents in body care from the drugstore, this has definitely been my favorite. It has that strong almond component, but it also has a soft complexity to it that makes it feel a little bit more elevated to me, much in the same way that the L'Occitane Amande products do. 

Let's be real, I bought this 99% for the smell, but obviously if I'm going to review it I need to talk about the formula. This formula doesn't contain sulfates, parabens, silicones or artificial colorants, is vegan, and is safe for sensitive skin. Even though it doesn't contain sulfates, it really does work up to a nice lather and really leaves my skin feeling clean without feeling tight or dry - always a super important thing to me personally. After the shower, when I use this with a puff, my skin feels really soft and maintains a really light scent to it. It's definitely not a scent that's going to carry, but if I lift my arm to my nose I can definitely still smell it softly for a couple of hours. 

I don't have a bad thing to say. As you can probably tell, I'm not the pickiest when it comes to body wash as long as it actually cleans my skin, doesn't leave residue on the body, and smells really good, and this ticks all of those boxes for me. What sort of puts it into a New Favorites category for me is that I can get this almond smell that I love so much in a $5 body wash that I genuinely really, really enjoy using. I suspect that in the near future I'll be trying more products from Nature Box, because this one definitely has me curious. 

Thus far, I've only seen the Nature Box Almond Oil Body Wash at my local Walmart, where it retails for $4.97. 

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