REVIEW: Wet N Wild 10 Pan V.I.Purple Eyeshadow Palette

by - April 09, 2019

Admittedly, I don't get as excited as I used to about new makeup releases. It might be because my collection is starting to get overwhelming (I think it's time to Marie Kondo that shit) or because we sort of see a lot of the same coming out as trends come and go and, once you recognize that, it can sort of temper that excitement. That being said, I always get excited about new Wet N Wild releases because not only have they really been killing it the past could of years after a little bit of a lull, but they also really tend to have more hits than misses for me - and all at a really, really affordable price point. One of those most exciting new releases from the brand, for me anyway, was definitely the new Wet N Wild Color Icon 10 Pan V.I.Purple Eyeshadow Palette.

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I feel like we're going to see a lot of palettes in 2019 that pair bolder, brighter colorful shades with more grounding neutrals, because I think a lot of people want those pops but an all colourful palette can be intimidating for many - myself included. I also feel like this palette is really appealing because of the tones of pink and purple included in it, which tend to flatter a lot of different skin tones and aren't quite as intimidating as some other bright shades might be. 

I think that people in the know about the beauty community can definitely see where the inspiration comes from this palette. The Natasha Denona Lila Palette was a HUGELY popular release, but like with most of her products it was definitely cost restrictive and I personally never felt inclined to pick it up. For me, I definitely feel like having a similar palette at a drugstore price is awesome and I really like the shades they chose to include in this one. 

I think that curation wise, this was fairly well chosen, though I would have made some changes. I really appreciate that it's half matte, but I do wish that there were more of a rosy mid toned matte, maybe even a straight up pink. I think that the tones of the mattes can have a tendency to pull a look away from that really pretty purple that I think most of us are drawn to about the palette. All of the pink and purple shades in the palette are shimmery and I just would have liked to have seen one pink or true purple shade in a matte finish. 

Formula wise, I think the matte shades in this palette are 100% on par with the other Wet N Wild Color Icon palettes in that they're nicely pigmented, blend really smoothly on the eye and pack a good amount of pigmentation. I really can't argue with Wet N Wild mattes and I feel like that's a huge win in the drugstore and what a lot of people are looking for. I find that when I swatch the two darkest shades, they can end up looking a little bit patchy, but when I work them onto the eye the pigmentation ends up being really smooth. I actually thought that those shades were going to be a fail, but they worked really well for me. 

When it comes to the shimmers in this palette, that's where I think we end up with a little bit more hit and miss. The gold in the top row is, as golds tend to be, an absolutely beautiful shade with amazing pigmentation, smooth application, and a really beautiful shine. The two middle shades on the bottom row are also really gorgeous. The more berry toned of the two is definitely the winner of the two for me because it's incredibly smooth and metallic while the more purple shade doesn't have quite as dense pigmentation and needs to be really packed on for full opacity. The pink shade on the bottom right is quite pretty and has a beautiful sheen to it, almost more satin than shimmery, but it's a little bit sheer and needs building to get full impact. For me, the biggest loser in this palette is definitely the shade on the lower left. In the pan, it looks like a really interesting and unique almost perriwinkle lavender, but both on the eyes and in swatches I found that those shades are more of a sheen and the rosy brown base definitely comes out more with the purple tones only really catching with a hit of the light. 

I think that quality-wise, this is a palette that is good but not great and doesn't really reach its potential, especially considering how incredible a lot of the other Wet N Wild 10 pan palettes really are. There's some really basic shades in here that aren't really unique or exciting but certainly hold up and are very wearable, but the shades that do stand out as being unique or exciting for a drugstore palette could just really use some improvements. 

For this look, I started with the more taupe transition shade and then went in with the warmer transition shade deeper into the crease. Once I felt like I had a good transition and base for my crease, I went in with the more eggplanty brown matte (second from the left in the top row) to deepen the crease and add some dimension. For the lid, I started with the purple towards the outer edge, came in with the berry through the center of my lid, and then worked the gold into the inner corner, blending as I went. For my lower lash line, I used the berry shimmer on the outer half and blended it into the gold shade on the inner half. 

Overall, I feel like this is a decent drugstore palette and I'm really glad that Wet N Wild pushed outside of the really warm neutral box that we're seeing a lot of to go for a mixture of neutrals and more colourful shades. That said, I don't think this is the best quality palette in their line up and doesn't quite reach it's potential. I think that with that in mind, I would still recommend this palette because it's good and at a great price point, but I don't think it's one to write home about. How's that for a confusing recommendaton?

The Wet N Wild V.I.Purple Eyeshadow Palette is available now where Wet N Wild is sold!

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