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by - May 10, 2019

I feel like I say the same thing every time I review an Almay product, but it really is the feeling I always seem to have when I'm trying out something from the brand. Almay is one of those brands that I think tends to get really, really overlooked in the drugstore, but ever since I tried out the Almay Clear Complexion Foundation - which has now become a favorite of mine and staple on my foundation rotation - I've been determined to try out more new products from the brand. I already know they have winners, right?

To take a look a bunch of new goodies from Almay for Spring 2019, keep reading!

Almay Smoky Eye Trios 
in Coppery Blaze & Smoldering Embers*
I like small trios that are curated with a very specific look in mind because it makes my weekday makeup routine a little bit easier and I quite like the way that these are curated - for the most part. It's a pretty basic and very beginner friendly layout, with a lid, crease and highlight shade laid out in an unmistakable way to be used without fuss. I feel like this is what a lot of women who maybe aren't as heavily into playing with makeup will really, really gravitate towards. Ultimately, the formulas in these trios are going to create quite soft eye looks because they're not super saturated shades, but they are well planned and very user friendly.

Smoldering Embers (left): I'm actually a little bit in love with this trio. I think the shades are really, really well chosen and the formula is quite pigmented and really smooth and creamy. I actually feel like the taupe and purple shades work beautifully for one shadow looks, bringing some brightness when packed on but buffing out to more of a satin when you blend them. Of the two, this is definitely my surprise favorite.
Coppery Blaze (right): Unfortunately, this one didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped. The sort of olive toned lid shade is a little bit dry and thin and doesn't pack on with the intensity that I was hoping for and the brown shade is a little bit softer than I personally prefer. It's pretty, but I feel like the formula doesn't quite live up to what I was hoping for. 

Almay Shadow Squad Eyeshadow 
in Making A Statement & Less Is More*
I actually really, really like the idea of a tiny little palette containing the same shade in four finishes. For me, these are definitely not something I would reach for on their own and I ultimately end up using them the way I would use a single shadow - just with a lot more versatility. Each pan contains a matte, a glittery topper, a shimmer and a satin finish all in the same shade. 

For the most part, I think these little quads are good. The satin and shimmer shades are really pretty, and do actually behave differently enough that they both have a place there. The glittery topper type shades are great for adding a little something extra on the lid without being too over the top - I'm really not an over-the-top glitter kind of a girl. My only issue is really with the mattes, which I feel like fall a little short of my expectations in both shades because they're a little too thin, dry and lacking in pigmentation for me personally. That said, I do think that I'll keep reaching for the other textures in both of these pans. 

Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow 
in Ruby Glam & Lunar Disco*
Of all of the products in this post, the Foil Cream Shadows are definitely the ones I'm most thrilled about - they're great! While this product does come in more neutral shades, the two that I got to try out are much more in the peacock shade family and I'm so thrilled with them. Something that genuinely surprised me about these is how much I like the packaging. I love being able to squeeze out a little bit of product onto a flat brush (seriously, a little bit goes a looooong way!) and apply it to my eyes without having to get my fingers involved or mess around with a wand applicator that will inevitably have less control. 

I also actually really find that these can be versatile in the way you use them. As you can see below, you can really buff and blend into the crease for a one shadow look that's quite soft or you can pack them on a little bit more heavily for a more dense pop - though I'd definitely recommend not going too heavily or these will crease. I actually have every intention of picking up some more of these because they're the biggest stand out product from this whole selection for me personally. (And like... LOOK AT THAT PEACOCK TEAL SHADE! Insert heart eyes emoji here!)

For this eye look, I used a flat brush to apply Ruby Glam all over the lid and then came in with a blending brush to work it into the crease. I could have left it there for a really pretty one shadow look, but to avoid creasing I did want to set down the lid where cream shadow is most likely to break up on me so I used a flat brush to pack a little bit of the glittery topper shade from the top right corner of the Shadow Squad Eyeshadow in Making A Statement. Easy peasy!

Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite 
in Unicorn Light & 24K Dreams*
Of everything in this whole selection of products, the one that I was most intrigued by was definitely these Jelly Hi-Lites. I'm not actually all that familiar with jelly products, though they've definitely been becoming more popular these days and I know there are a wide selection of different formulas. This formula is kind of interesting. It's quite a firm jelly, so it moves around quite a bit in the tub but it can be a little bit chunky when I pick it up with my finger. I found that I couldn't really capture these in a photo the way that they look on the skin. These swatches are actually quite packed on and they are really punchy in person.

24K Dreams (top) is a really pretty neutral gold microglitter in a clear base and I think there may be some irridescent shimmers thrown in there as well. Unicorn Light (bottom) is much more pink and irridescent, really living up to its name. For me, these are just too glittery for my taste on the face, but I know that I'll definitely use these over the summer as body glitter for special occasions because they really do give a nice shimmer on the skim and I like that look in the summer. 

Almay Goddess Gloss 
in Cosmic & Magic*
I've never really been much of a gloss person, but I really, really like just... sort of staring at these in the tube because they really have a lot of dimension. They also smell really, really good. I think yummy smells have always been and will continue to be my favorite lip about lip gloss. The formula of this one is generally quite nice. It has a fairly thick consistency that sticks around on the lips and stays smooth without getting sticky or gloopy. The only thing that I don't really like is the inclusive of microglitters, which look absolutely stunning but do add a little bit of grittiness to the formula and do stick around on the lips once the glossiness disappears. 

Cosmic (top) is quite a sheer nude shade with a strong gold shimmer as well as some bluish irridescent shimmer. I feel like this is very much a night out kind of a shade that would pair really beautifully with a classic smoky eye and really perfected skin. 
Magic (bottom) is a really, really unique shade. I'd say the base is sort of a sheer strawberry red and then it has a combination of gold, pink and irridescent shimmers in it that makes it really dimension on the lips. Of the two, this is definitely my personal favorite and the one that I would chose for a night out when I want a low maintenance statement lip. 

Overall, for me, what I come away from this with is that I feel like Almay is branching out into really unique and bold products while still maintaining very soft, wearable options in their range. I think that what you like from the brand will really be a matter of taste. If you're into more low key, soft, easy makeup the Smoky Eye Trios* will be right up your alley, while if you like bolder makeup looks you're probably going to be more into the Velvet Foil Cream Shadows*. Either way, though, I really do feel like Almay is stepping up their game in the drugstore and I'm personally going to keep an eye on their new releases because I'm pretty confident that there'll be gems.

All of the products in this post are available now where Almay is sold!

Thanks for reading!

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