REVIEW: DryBar Double Standard Cleansing + Conditioning Foam

by - May 15, 2019

DryBar is one of those brands that I've had my eye on for a while but never pulled the trigger and picked anything up from them. Honestly, it's mostly because I'd rather spend my high end budget on skin care and makeup and I tend to be a messy bun and drugstore hair care kind of girl. That being said, there are definitely some higher end hair care products in my collection that I love. Ultimately, after seeing really, really great reviews and wanting to try out co-washing, I decided to grab the DryBar Double Standard Cleansing Conditioning Foam and I've been trying it out.

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Admittedly, I don't wash my hair very often because my hair really, really doesn't like it and neither do I. I'm probably about a fourth day hair washer and my shower cap has a permanent spot on a hook in my bathroom specifically for that reason, but I liked the idea of reaching for a cleansing conditioner on my second day hair. For anyone unfamiliar, co-washing it short for conditioner only washing and I know a lot of women with curly hair (which tends to be drier and benefits from maintaining natural oils that get stripped away by shampoo) really benefit from it. 

I have to say that ultimately I feel two ways about this product. The first is that it's a really good quality product. It works through the hair well and rinses fairly clean, it has a really nice smell that is subtle and has that salon vibe that we all seem to love, and I love the creamy foam texture of it. The second way I feel, unfortunately, is that this stuff just isn't for me on any sort of regular basis. I think that's definitely going to be the thing with a product like this, it definitely isn't for all hair types and it definitely isn't for mine. I have fairly fine hair, but a lot of it, and I'd say I have a fairly normal hair type that doesn't skew particularly dry or particularly oily. When I use this, my hair feels pretty good immediately after, but after a few hours it starts to feel and look greasier than before I washed and by the next day I feel a pretty urgent need to wash my hair properly - even moreso than if I hadn't washed it at all or had just rinsed with hot water. 

Overall, I think this is definitely a product - and probably a method, really - that's going to work best if you're someone with a dry, coarse or curly hair type because it'll maintain hydration through the hair and help to distribute those natural oils through the hair rather than stripping them. If you have a hair texture and type that is similar to mine, I would approach this type of product with caution and do what I do - load up with a really good dry shampoo. Honestly, because I do really feel like this is a great quality product, I feel like I'll probably be picking up the DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo sometime soon because I think that'll ultimately be a better fit for me. 

DryBar hair products are available in Canada at Sephora!

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