#FLUIDNAILARTFRIDAY: Cool Toned Neons + DIY Spot It Polish

by - June 07, 2019

Last summer, I went through a bit of a fluid nail art phase after I discovered the Sinful Colors Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats. Of course, as I tend to do, I shifted to another nail obsession after a few weeks and those top coats went untouched until 4/5 of them lost their ability to hypnotically transform. However, recently there has been a resurgence on social media of fluid nail art thanks to the #FluidNailArtFridays hashtag and the recipe for DIY Spot It Polish recipe shared by Riley from @DamningEden which I found via @kyong.lee.92 , so of course I wanted to play too!

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So the recipe for the DIY Spot It Polish is SUPER easy. All you need is a bottle of polish you don't mind dedicating to fluid nail art - I've made two so far using Wet N Wild Clear Nail Protector and Sinful Colors Blacklist and I'm determined to make a white as well - and a bottle of the Garnier Fructis Anti-Frizz Hair Serum. The ingredient that makes the polish create cells is dimethicone (silicone) and I guess there's a high enough volume of it in this product that one pump into the bottle of polish does the trick. For more info on creating your own Spot It polish, Riley's original post is here and you can check out the tutorial that I used from Kyong Lee on Youtube here

I'm definitely having a moment with neons right now, so for this mani I decided to pick some really rich neon polishes, a little dash of holo and my DIY black spot it polish. To create the decals, I started with a pretty decent sized glob of Color Club Montego Bae and then added dots of Color Club Disco Dress, Peace Out Purple, and What's Your Sign? before going in with 2-3 blobs of my black spot it polish.

The trick, I find, to get the kinds of cells that I personally like in the design is to fold over my silicone mat twice - first one way and then do a 45º turn before folding the other way - to press the polish together. I find that one fold doesn't do it for me and more than two ends up doing more harm than good. So. Two folds. You can also use a stamper, which works really well, and if you're interested in learning how you can check out my Five Ways To Use A Stamper Without Plates post! I also tend to make more decals than I need because honestly not every decal is going to be a winner and I'm a little picky when it comes to some consistency on the nails. I then let the decays dry to the point that they're easy to peel from the mat, but not so dry that they have started to get brittle and I peel them using my curved nail art tweezers. 

While you can use a tacky base polish to adhere the decals, I've started using foil glue and I find it a lot less finicky. That being said, it will stick down pretty much on contact with the foil glue, so be sure that you're specific in the placement of your decal so that you get the cells that you like the most on your nails. To make sure they're smooth, I start with sticking them down in the middle and then sort of stretch the decal to the edges of the nails. After trimming using my metal cuticle tool and cleaning up the edges with acetone, I added a coat of the OPI Plumping Top Coat and voila!

I can't even tell you how downright excited I am to be able to do fluid nail art again and I suspect that there could be a bit of an obsession with them coming up. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more of these #FluidNailArtFridays posts because I suspect that I'm going to want to keep doing them!

Like I said, click the links above to learn how to make your own polishes for fluid nail art!

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