INDIE: Cuter Cuticles Hand & Nail Care Haul

by - June 06, 2019

Cuter Cuticles is one of those indie brands that I'd been hearing absolute raves about for ages now and always intended on ordering from, but just hadn't gotten around to it. At the end of 2018, I was talking to a friend about how much I wanted to try out the brand and she passed along a Barrier Butter that just hadn't worked out for her - lucky for me! Honestly, you guys, this was basically an instant obsession for me and when that little tub started to run out recently, I knew I had to make an order and re-up because I didn't want to be out. So... I went in on an order with a couple of family members and I wanted to show you what I got and tell you a little bit about the formulas - and why I'm already planning my next order!

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Because the Barrier Butter is the formula that I was already obsessed with, I picked up three of the small tubs. The Barrier Butter is described as a protective mixture of whipped butters and oils that will protect and moisturize your hands, but really you can use it anywhere that you have really dry skin and it'll pack a significant moisture punch and help soften and heal skin. It also contains natural beeswax to really help seal in the oils. You really shouldn't see any difference in the formula based on the scent, since these are mixed up in small batches of the base formula and then have the scent of you choice added to order. Personally, I love that because it ensures consistency and because I love the formula, I want every different scent to perform the same. 

I also really wanted to try out their Cuticle Oil, because that's what I'd really heard the most raves about and I had yet to get it on my hands. I've decided that I really, really like this formula. First of all, a rollerball is by far my favorite type of applicator for cuticle oil so that's a win right there. But really, this is a super solid formula that sinks into skin quickly with just a little bit of massaging so I can use it a few minutes before nail photos or while I'm at work and will need to type. In fact, I applied it to my nails moments before typing this paragraph and there's no oiliness left on my hands. 

Cuter Cuticles Almond Macaroon Barrier Butter
Described as "Warm, buttery top notes blend with crushed almond, sugar, warm vanilla and a dash of spice" this one was always going to end up in my collection and will almost certainly get reordered because I have a long term relationship with sweet almond scents. This one is definitely bang on to the description and those strong buttery notes and the hint of spice really do give it the vibe of a sweet almond cookie.

Cuter Cuticles Pure Porridge Barrier Butter
Described as, "Rolled oats, creamy caramel with undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg are balanced by notes of raw syrup and a woodsy patchouli," this one is actually not what I expected and I wasn't sure if I liked it initially, but have actually kind of fallen in love with it. I think what initially startled me was the patchouli, which actually reminded me of something from LUSH that I've used in the past.. though I couldn't tell you what it is. More than smelling like food, this one smells like a rich, almost sexy but cozy warmth that I really, really love. Rich and sexy but cozy is kind of my jam when it comes to scents, I must say. 

Cuter Cuticles Cotton Candy Barrier Butter
I have to admit, I 100% ordered this scent because I'd seen it mentioned in soooooo many of Intense Polish Therapy's Instagram posts as her holy grail that I just had to give it a go - well, than and the fact that I absolutely love cotton candy. And it's GOOD. It might not be exactly what I was expecting, but it's a really sweet scent that manages to not be sickly. This might sound a little bit weird - and also be entirely off base - but something about this scent evokes really strong memories for me of those Wonka Bottle Caps Candies. I don't even know if those are still out there or if they actually smell like this since it's been literally over 20 years since I've had them, but that's 100% what comes to my mind with this smell.

Cuter Cuticles Key Lime Pie Cuticle Oil
While it's definitely the barrier butters that are almost certainly going to dominate my collection, I'd never tried the cuticle oil before and I really wanted to so I picked up

Like I said above, I went in on the haul with a couple of family members - partially because they wanted to try out the products and partially so that I didn't go mad with power, although I'm already putting together a wishlist for my next order, so I suspect it didn't work so well. Anyway, this was the whole haul and I sniffed 'em all so I wanted to tell you about the scents. 

Peach is a really clean, fresh peach scent that is really lovely if you're into a straight up peach scent - my cousin's response when she smelled it was, "This is perfect!" 
Lemonade is exactly what you would expect, with a crisp, tart lemon scent dominating but also being tempered a little bit with some sweetness, and it has gone on to my wish list for myself. 
Black Raspberry & Vanilla is goooooorgeous with that rich depth of the black raspberry and then the sweetness of the vanilla, also on my list for my next order. 
Cranberry Peach Vanilla really, really reminds me of a smoothie - fruity with a little bit of the creamy sweetness that I get from vanilla almond milk in my smoothies.
And I did want to mention that there is the Unscented option, which I can confirm is actually unscented and I can't imagine it bothering anyone with scent sensitivities, so it's a really solid option for people who work in scent free environments who want to apply cuticle oil or barrier butter during the day. 

I'm in. I'm in. I'm suuuuuuper in. Seriously, these products have worked out so super well for me that when I'm using them I can really both see and feel a noticeable difference in my cuticles. They're really, really good and they contain really good ingredients in a fairly simple, but well thought out formula. I know for sure that these are going to be my go to from now on. I suspect that, like me, there are probably a lot of people who aren't super well versed in indie nail products and haven't heard of Cuter Cuticles, but I really feel like everyone who's looking for really solid, really affordable cuticle care products can benefit from taking a look at them. 

Cuter Cuticles products are available from her website and she offers free international shipping on orders over $40! On top of the Barrier Butters and Cuticle Oils, she also sells Acetone Additives (that's on my wish list as well) and Lip Balms!

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