REVIEW: CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

by - June 27, 2019

Hey guys! I'm super excited for today's review because I'm firmly falling back into Korean skin care products, inspired by the fact that local stores seem to be carrying more and more Kbeauty products now - above and beyond just masks. Recently, I saw the CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser at my local Walmart and, since it had quietly been on my radar for a while now I pretty much immediately grabbed it. Cleansers are, admittedly, kind of my thing so it's really not hard to talk me into trying them out and being back on the Kbeauty bandwagon I just basically had to have it. I did actually list this amongst my favorites in my Skin Care Diaries post from yesterday, so if you haven't check that out you definitely should!

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Start the day right by treating your skin to a mild and gentle cleanser with a low pH that effectively removes excess oil and dead skin. Formulated with tea tree oil and natural BHA to refine skin texture, the Good Morning Gel Cleanser's pH level is the closest to your skin's natural pH levels and leaves skin soft, moist and refreshed without stripping it of its natural oils.

Because most of the foaming cleansers we're used to in North America tend to be too alkaline for the skin, they can strip away the natural oils and leave your moisture barrier compromised, which is why I'm personally always so careful when it comes to the cleansers that I use on my face. Trust me, I've pretty disastrously damaged my moisture barrier in the past and it's hard to come back from. Something I learned recently is that a lot of Korean brands take that into account and create foaming cleansers while maintaining a pH that is going to work well with your skin so you won't strip it and damage your moisture barrier. With a pH that's slightly acidic at 6.5, this cleanser promises to be gentle but effective at cleansing the skin without stripping the natural oils that protect our skin. 

I've been using this for probably about 3-4 weeks consistently as my morning cleanse and occasionally as my second cleanse at night.  Like the description says, this is a gel cleanser and it very gently foams up on the skin as you work it in. The smell is... not my favorite. It has that sort of herbal smell that initially can feel a little bit synthetic until you realize that it's just the smell of those botanical ingredients. Again, not my favorite, but I can deal with it. I've found that a little bit goes a long way with this cleanser and I can really effectively wash my face and down my neck with a pea sized amount of product. 

I love love love this cleanser for my morning routine. The gel texture emulsifies easily and the foam is much lighter than many others I've used in the past, but it feels really silky and soft as you work it into the skin. It rinses away quite easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without any of that screaming-for-hydration feeling that I dread like the plague. Since I've been using this, I've really seen a difference in my skin when I do my skin care and makeup in the mornings. It just feels really fresh and bouncy, but there isn't any residue at all left behind even if I just splash it away with water. 

Honestly, other than that botanical smell that I'm not a big fan of, I think this is basically a perfect morning cleanser for my normal leaning combo skin type. It does a really effective job of cleaning the skin and I like that it contains natural BHA to help clean out my pores and do away with the pesky closed comedones (little bumps under the skin) that my skin is prone to when my pores get clogged. I've really noticed that my skin is maintaining hydration well since I've been using this and I think it would work well for a lot of different skin types. Seriously, this cleanser is a real winner and it gets a huge recommendation from me. 

The CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is available in some Walmart stores here in Canada now, but it's also available online at and!

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