REVIEW: The Body Shop Wonderfully Wonky Banana Body Care

by - July 18, 2019

Hey guys! I really wanted to get this post out quickly so that if you're interested in these products, you can still get your hands on them before they disappear. Seriously, I feel like this summer has really been steeped in products that contain either banana or watermelon and I am very much here for it, so there was no way that I was going to miss out on trying these out. The Body Shop Banana hair care products have been a long time favorite of a lot of people, so it makes perfect sense that they would have shifted into banana body care as well. Personally, I think they're basically insane for making their Summer 2019 Wonderfully Wonky Banana products limited edition, but they are and so... HURRY! 

But first, keep reading to check out my thoughts on them... and then go get them before they're gone!

If you're asking yourself why they're called "Wonderfully Wonky Banana" products, so was I. In fact, me and my friend were musing about it out loud when we were in the store to pick these up and a very helpful employee was quick to give us the lowdown. Essentially, grocery stores don't really want to sell the bananas that look "wonky", so they tend to get discarded, and those are the bananas that The Body Shop used to formulate these products. Kinda cool, right? It doesn't surprise me that grocery stores don't want the funny looking bananas - I feel like even if I knew they were fine, I might be put off by them in the grocery store - so using them to formula body products sounds like a much better solution than just letting them rot!

The Body Shop Banana Shower Cream
Lather up with the creamy, mouth-watering Special Edition Banana Shower Cream. Enriched with Community Trade organic banana puree, this 100% vegan treat leaves skin feeling fresh and fabulously fragrant.

In case it hasn't come through yet, I'm kind of in love with both of these products. The shower cream lathers really easy to a rich, creamy texture that feels like it cleanses my skin really well but also rinses easily to leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated without any stripping. The smell in the shower when I use this is absolutely gorgeous and gives me all of the happiest feels. Seriously, could not be happier with how this shower cream has worked out. Am in love. Must stock up. 

The Body Shop Banana Body Yogurt

This lightweight gel-cream absorbs instantly, even on damp skin. Enriched with Community Trade organic banana puree made from bananas that won’t sell to the food industry (we don’t care if they’re the ‘wrong’ shape or size!), our fruity vegan formula provides skin with 48hr moisture.

I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to feel about a "body yogurt", but it has basically been a summer game changer for me and become my go to straight out of the shower moisturizer. First off, it both looks and smells like straight up banana pudding and I just want it all over me all of the time. What really impresses me though is the texture of this. Butters and lotions can feel way too heavy for me in the summer, so this gel cream has been a bit of a revelation. I like to, like I said, apply it to the skin straight out of the shower while I'm still basically wet to help seal in that moisture, and this is the perfect texture to do that because it sinks into the skin fairly quickly and I'm left with skin that feels silky and hydrated without any of the uncomfortable heaviness that I can't handle when it's hot out.

I have to be honest, it's been a really long time since body care from The Body Shop has really impressed me, but these two products have become instant classics and I'm going to need to stock up on them before they go away - and so far the Banana Body Yogurt already seems to have disappeared from the website, so I'll have to try in store. However, they do have a selection of Body Yogurts in different varieties that I might just pick up as well. While I'm clearly obsessed with the banana scent and would probably be willing to use them either way, what honestly really, really gets me about them is the textures and performance. These are seriously, seriously solid body products!

Like I said, this is a get them before they're gone situation - though I do hope that The Body Shop realizes the error of their ways and either makes this consistent summer releases or just goes ahead and makes them permanent so that I can continue to get my fix. Either way, for now, this is a get 'em while you can situation and I highly, highly recommend you get 'em!

Thanks for reading!

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