FRAGRANCE: Juicy Couture OUI Eau De Parfum

by - August 08, 2019

When it comes to fragrance, I've been a bit of a junkie since childhood and my love for choosing a scent to wear in order to represent a mood has really grown as I've gotten older. Another thing that has really happened as I've gotten older is that I've developed a love for beautiful perfume bottles that are almost like art pieces or decor accessories. So, of course, I was really stoked to try out the Juicy Couture OUI Eau De Parfum*. I mean... How could I not be?

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This vibrantly rich women's perfume will have you saying Oui! to a burst of nostalgic pops providing mouthwatering freshness. Whether you're looking for your new signature scent or the perfect gift, Oui Juicy Couture will captivate and fascinate with its exclusive fragrance.
Top Notes: Watermelon, Acai Tea Natureprint, Pear Infusion
Middle Notes: Jasmine Absolute, Wild Tuberose, Dew Honeysuckle Natureprint
Base Notes: Techno Woods, Amber Resins, Captive Musks

Can we just take a moment and talk about the bottle? I feel like it might not be for everyone, but there's something that's just so cool with a sort of 1960s sophistication to it and I just love having it displayed on my vanity. The combination of the pink and red inside the glass just... works for me. It also has the gold logo dangling from a chain and the gem-like lid, which kind of makes it a lot, but in a way that I personally find really unique and pleasing. Really, I think it's that vintage feel of a really fabulous woman in the 60s that gets me. Like I said, maybe not for everyone but I really, really love the whole vibe of it. 

Based on the description, I really wasn't sure that this was going to be for me, so I was really, really surprised the first time I applied it and it was a little bit of instant love. A lot of fruity floral scents lean really heavily on one of those things with just hints of the other, but I feel like this is a blend of fruity and floral that really merges so that it's not one or the other but distinctly both. I've said many times in the past that I'm terrible at describing scents or picking up notes, but I would describe this as being distinctly feminine without being girly and sophisticated without being too mature for my tastes. It has a subtlety and elegance that I personally really, really love.

I'd say that this definitely fades to quite a soft scent within maybe a half hour to an hour, but when I wear it I tend to get subtle whiffs of myself throughout the day - which is just how I like my fragrance to be. I never, ever want my perfume to be overwhelming for those around me, so this is perfect for me. 

Honestly, I have to say that I'm really surprised by how much I love this scent and how much it has become an every day daytime go to for me since I received it. I really love getting those soft whiffs of this on my skin throughout the day - and I really, really love displaying this bottle on my vanity. It's really a show stopper. All in all, highly recommend getting a nose full of this if it sounds like it might be what you're into! I really do think it'll be widely enjoyed because it's really not the type of scent that I can see being particularly unlikable.

The Juicy Couture OUI Eau De Parfum* is available at The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart!

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