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by - September 10, 2019

I feel like makeup fatigue is going around these days. For several years now, the excitement over new new new has led so many of us to having huge collections of makeup that we could never hope to actually use up and I think a lot of us are just feeling a little bit overwhelmed. So, in the interest of trying to overcome my own makeup fatigue, I decided to start doing some Shop My Stash posts here on the blog. Not only will this force me to resist picking up new releases and get excited again about what I have, but I hope it will inspire you to maybe dig around in your own collection and find some things to get excited about again as well. 

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Fall eyeshadow is probably my all time favorite makeup, if I'm being honest, and every year I get excited about pulling out richly pigmented eyeshadows to put together those looks that I love best, so it seemed like a good place to start. I decided to limit myself to 6 absolute ride or die palettes that I feel confident could get me through the season happily without reaching for anything else. I chose 3 more affordable options along with 3 higher end options so that there's some variety and all of these palettes are still available if they tickle your fancy.

Colourpop Good Sport Eyeshadow Palette | Full Review 
The first palette that popped into my head when I decided to do this post, without even having to consult my collection, was this palette. When it comes to versatility for fall, there really is nothing in my collection that hits all of the shades I like to reach for at this time of year. I don't know if this is a weird way to think about it, but fall is all about secondary colours for me - purple, green, orange - and I want to have richness and warmth in all of those shades for my looks. This palette gets that done perfectly for me and has a serious amount of versatility for this time of year. Honestly, Colourpop palettes are some of the absolute best buys in the makeup world right now and this is the one that I would personally recommend the highest. 

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Spice Edition Palette | Full Review
When it comes to drugstore large palettes, I feel like Rimmel really gets it done with their Magnif'eyes palettes as far as both quality and price point, but for me not only the one that's best for fall but the best one of all is the Spice Edition. I feel like this is a really usable palette that offers a wide variety of different warm looks without having to reach for something else. It's definitely one of the most neutral palettes in this list, but when it comes to fall makeup I know there are a lot of people who'd happily keep it warm and neutral all season. Because of the price, wide availability, and quality I do think this is a bit of a must have palette for any collection - unless you have the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, in which case you can obviously skip this one. 

e.l.f. Mad For Matte 2 Summer Breeze
I love an all matte look for fall - I feel like that's a bit of a theme for me every year - and when it comes to all matte palettes, this one has become a favorite very specifically because it's got all of the neutrals that I personally like to use to build out a look but it also has some really beautiful warm pops with the brick, ocre and eggplant shades. It's definitely not a bold or colourful palette, but I think it's a really solid every day kind of palette for my personal tastes - and again, it has affordability and wide availability on its side as well. (And because it doesn't have any metallic shades that make a big mess, it's also probably the least raggedy palette in this post, if not my entire collection!)

tarte Tarteist Pro To Go Eyeshadow Palette | Full Review
I have to say, this might be my favorite small palette of all time and is one that I still frequently reach for even without a Shop My Stash goal. As far as the curation of this palette, I think tarte nailed it, because even though it only has 6 shades I know that I can get a surprisingly wide variety of looks using it. And the quality is seriously SUPER good. In all honesty, this is a palette that I personally reach for all year, but the tones of the shades really do scream fall looks for me and I think the shimmery shades in the round pans are pretty much perfect for those rich, shimmery but also a little bit vampy fall looks that I personally love to the moon. 

Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Palette | Full Review
Initially, since I'm so drawn to really warm shades in the fall, this palette wasn't one that I thought I would get a ton of use of at this time of year, mostly because when I look at it my eyes seem to go straight to the bold blue and cool purple shades in the palette, but it's actually a super versatile palette that really allows me to get those rich, saturated looks that I love at this time of year. I also love that it's something a little bit different than pretty much anything else in my collection. I seriously think this palette doesn't get enough love or attention for the curation and quality of it and it's one that I think a lot of people would get a lot of use out of in their collections. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette | Full Review
Because the ABH formula is probably my personal all time favorite, I knew that one of their palettes had to be on this list, and in years past it likely would have been Modern Renaissance, but this palette has really become a staple in my collection and like the Berries & Cream palette I feel like this one does a little bit of something different for fall. Above and beyond that, I think this palette is a great option for early fall when you're transitioning from softer, more sunkissed summer looks into those rich fall looks that we all seem to love so much. 

Honestly, I hope that the takeaway from this post is maybe some inspiration to dig into your collection and pull out older favorites to put together your fall looks. And, who knows, maybe some of these palettes make your favorites list as well. More and more I feel like we're moving away from this constant need for NEW NEW NEW - or at least I am - and that means not only digging into my collection, but also maybe taking a closer look at products that have actually been out for a while that I never picked up. New-to-me can be a great option too! 

I'd love to hear in the comments what your favorite eyshadow palettes for fall are - and if there are any other Shop My Stash posts you'd like to see in the future! Let me know!

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