HOLIDAY 2019: Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps

by - November 05, 2019

Okay, everyone, Halloween is officially over and that means IT'S TIME TO GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. I know, I know, it can be frustrating when the stores start to fill with red and gold as soon as the orange and black gets taken down, the Christmas carols ringing everywhere you go, but as a pretty huge fan of the Christmas season... my body is ready! And one of my favorite things about the holiday season for the past several years has been the Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps. In fact, last year I stocked up on my favorite scent and literally used it all year, that's how much I love these babies. For 2019, Live Clean has released two new hand soaps in their Foaming Hand Wash formula, an I'm super, super excited to tell you guys all about them!

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Last Summer, Live Clean did their first Foaming Hand Wash release and, though it didn't quite overtake my love for their Liquid Hand Soap, I really, really enjoyed the formula and the scents that they released. So, of course, I was super excited that they expanded their holiday collection this year to include two limited edition scents in this formula - bumping the number of holiday hand soaps in their range to five! In case you're unfamiliar with the Foaming Hand Washes, they promise a rich, creamy lather that will leave your hands clean, moisturized, and soft!

Live Clean Frosted Apple Moisturizing Foaming Hand Wash*
Admittedly, I was a little bit worried that this scent wasn't going to be my thing because apple scents, especially in holiday releases, are pretty hit and miss for me. Luckily - and I really shouldn't have doubted them - this one really gets it done for me. There's a crispness to this scent that really feels like fresh apples to me, without the cloying sweetness or the overly spicy apple pie types of scents that can be pretty off putting. This is just really gorgeous and for anyone who likes a fresh fruit kind of scent, with maybe a little hint of warmth on the back end, this could be perfect for you. This one is currently living in my kitchen and I'm really, really loving reaching for it!

Live Clean Fresh Snow Moisturizing Foaming Hand Wash*
I have to say, this smells exactly the way that I expected it to and I really, really love it. There's a real freshness of this that really does call to mind a cold winter's day for me and as someone who grew up spending every second I could on skis there's a lot to this that just makes me really, really smile. I think a lot of people who don't generally like holiday scents will really, really love this one because it's just fresh and crisp and clean. I honestly can't get enough of it and I currently have two bottles of it on the go. 

Live Clean Gingerbread Latte Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap
Even though this one isn't new to the line, I still wanted to include it in this post because it remains my all time favorite and as soon as I saw it on the shelf locally this year, I picked up some more of it to add to my collection. This is actually the soap that I stocked up on last year and literally used all year, and it's one product that I will continue to purchase myself every single year that they release it. I seriously can't say enough good things about this soap. The formula of the Live Clean Liquid Hand Soaps is my all time favorite and literally the only hand soap I buy for my own home these days - literally every sink has a bottle next to it. 

Along with my beloved Gingerbread Latte, Live Clean also releases Vanilla Peppermint (which I also love absolutely dearly) along with Holly Berry in their Holiday Liquid Hand Soaps line. Seriously, I can't get enough of these babies!

Seriously, I've been waiting all year for the Live Clean holiday releases and with these two new offerings in the line up, my expectations have been exceeded. Seriously, if you're not on the Live Clean Hand Soap bandwagon yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. They're just... so good! And the holiday releases are really the most exciting for me personally.

The Live Clean Holiday Hand Soap Collection, including 5 very individual fragrances in two different formulas, are available now in stores and online for purchase at and!

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