MANI MONDAY: Glittery New Years Eve Gel Nail Art

by - December 30, 2019

Happy Monday, everyone! This holiday season has been a bit of a marathon and I've been sort of taking a little bit of a nail art break, but I couldn't miss this week's #CBBxManiMonday! For this week's mani, I keep it glittery for New Years Eve and went with gel polish since I've been having so much fun dipping into the world of gel nail art. Of course, I also kept it pretty simple because... I'm me!

Anyway, keep reading for a closer look and to find out what I used to get this mani!

First, I started by applying a gel base coat to all of my nails and curing. For the pointer and pinkie finger, I kept it pretty simple. I applied two coats of this sort of taupe shade that has a strong gold flash in it and cured. For the middle finger, I just wanted to go full glitter with two coats of this chunky rose gold glitter from UR Sugar. Admittedly, I do wish I had applied a solid base polish but I do really like the texture that the glitter has on its own. I finished all of these nails with a coat of no wipe gel top coat and added some rhinestones at the base of the taupe nails for a little bit of shine. 

For the accent nail, I started with two coats of white gel polish as my base. I also added a gel top coat after the base because I didn't want to lose the texture on the design by adding it at the end. Once those were cured, I went in with a neutral mauve shade and a detail brush to draw the circle for the base of the ball. One of the things I love about gel is that I can really play with it to get the shape that I want and I love how this one turned out. Once that was cured, I went in with the same chunky glitter I used on the middle finger and really built it up with a couple of coats to get a rounded top. Finally, I used a black gel polish to draw the string the bow using a very fine, medium length nail art brush.

And voila!

All Products Used
Aimeili Gel Base Coat
Aimeili No Wipe Gel Top Coat
ASP Gel Polish in Grey Vs. Gray, White Hot, & Think Pink
UR Sugar Color Gel in 001 & 039 Nail Art Brushes*
Dulcii 54W LED Nail Lamp

I'm having so much fun playing with gel polish and I can't wait to try out a whole bunch of new techniques and ideas in the new year. I'd love to hear what nail art techniques and looks you'd like me to try out in the coming year. I hope you all have a happy and safe New Years and, at the risk of sounding fully like a dad, I'll see you all next year!

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Thanks for reading!

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