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by - February 05, 2020

In 2020, I definitely want to try out more tools in my beauty routine, and I started out strong by testing out the NOWMI PRO Facial Skin Oxygenating Device*. You guys know, basically if you read any of my skin care content, that I truly think that a solid and thorough cleansing routine has really changed my skin for the better and it's something that I say over and over. So really, it's no surprise that I was so incredibly interested in trying out this baby. It's definitely different than anything I've ever tried before, which is always really interesting to me, and I'm super excited to share it with you!

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What makes this really unique, in my opinion, is that it's actually a two part system. The first part is your daily cleansing routine, which uses the NowMi Pro device and the Facial Cleansing Gel to thoroughly cleanse the skin. The second part of the system is a Weekly Facial Oxygen Treatment, which both exfoliates and delivers beneficial treatment ingredients to the skin, which I will get into a little bit more further into my review!

The NowMi Pro Cleansing Device* is a rechargeable cleansing brush that promises to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin gently and effectively without any irritation. The device itself has a smooth silicone outer and features what they call silicone "micro fingers" to do the actual cleansing. It emits 6000 sonic pulses per minute to really help your cleanser penetrate and clean out your pores. I would also personally say that these little micro fingers actually give a really super gentle exfoliation, helping to slough off more dead skin that might be hanging around than your fingers can. 

I have to say, I'm really, really loving this brush. It feels like really good quality and I think it was really, really thoughtfully designed to both do its job really well, but also have a really good hand feel. For me, someone with disproportionately small hands, the compact size and really ergonomic shape makes it feels really easy and comfortable to use. It also does do a really good job of cleansing my skin without any irritation. Like, seriously, my skin doesn't even pink up when I use this, but when I'm finished cleansing my skin feels really soft, smooth and clean without feeling tight or stripped. With continued use, I've really noticed a difference particularly on my cheeks and around my nose where I tend to get clogged pores, and the whole area just looks fresher and cleaner consistently. 

The NowMi Facial Cleansing Gel* is pretty delightful, I must say, and my skin really, really loves it as a morning cleanse as well as a second cleanse in the evening. It has a slightly runny gel texture the really sort of spreads through the cleansing brush easily, making the most of the surface area on the brush to really give an effective cleanse. It has a light scent and I find that it does foam a little bit, but I almost wonder if that's more because of the vibration than the formula of the cleanser. It's after rinsing this cleanser off that I find myself most impressed, because my skin feels really fresh and clean without any feeling of residue or left over dirt and oil, but it also feels really hydrated and refreshed. I really only use cleansers these days that don't strip my skin, but this one really does have a unique feeling when I'm finished washing my face in that it does actually feel like I've hydrated my skin as well as cleansing it. Really, really lovely cleanser, especially when used with the NowMi Pro device. 

Now we get into what really makes this product stand out for me, which is the Weekly Facial Oxygen Treatments, which promises exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection. I'm going to shoot for brevity in the description of this treatment, just for the sake of making this NOT a novel, but I highly recommend you check out the description in the product page on the NowMi website for more info on this process. Basically, on the back of the brush there's a little round slot where the Vitamin C Effervescent Tablet slots in for your weekly facial. You apply the Lubricant Gel, which contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, and the tablet will start to effervesce on the brush. 

The process of using this is actually really, really simple and only takes five minutes. I highly, highly recommend just sort of gliding the tablet over the skin really gently. Because the surface starts to get kind of rough, you don't want to or need to use any pressure to get good results. I also recommend being liberal with the lubricant gel and adding more if necessary so that you get a really nice glide over the skin. The first time I used this, I was actually kind of scared that it was going to irritate my skin because there's a definite sting and tingle when actually doing the facial and I noticed my skin did start to pink up as I was doing the process, but I really didn't have any issues. 

The results of this weekly facial treatment are really, really lovely. Immediately after rinsing, my skin feels really soft and supple, almost like it's been brought to life. I generally follow with just a moisturizer, since this process is an actual treatment I don't want to follow with strong actives or anything like that. In the days following the treatment, my skin always has that really beautiful glow and youthfulness that I expect from a facial, just that extra brightness and bounce. With continued use, though I've personally been doing it every two weeks rather than every week, I've really found that my skin feels and looks really good consistently and has a smoother, softer texture on the surface and a feeling of... fullness? Bounce? In short, I really have seen results from this treatment. 

Overall, I have to say that while this is a bit of an investment and probably more for skin care enthusiasts, but if you're someone who loves getting a facial but doesn't want to spend the time and money to have them consistently done in a spa or a dermatologists office, this is a great way to have an at home product that's quick and effective. Personally, I love this system quite a lot and will continue to use it personally, particularly the NowMi Pro Device, which works beautifully with both the included cleanser but also with other cleansers that I personally love. I think that the Weekly Facial Treatment is great way to pamper the skin and really does give lovely results, but I do wish I could buy the refills a la carte rather than having to invest in 12 at a time. 

The NowMi At Home Facial Device is available on their website and retails for $249 (although it's currently on sale for $199 and includes a bonus refill kit valued at $99.) 

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