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by - April 07, 2020

I have to admit, face palettes always tend to get my attention and I love to have them in my collection, but I try to reign myself in the best I can. That being said, there was really no way I could resist picking up the Physicians Formula x Weylie Hoang Butter Collection. I mean, really, a face palette featuring products in one of my all time drugstore formulas? This baby was always going to end up in my collection, even if I wasn't sure it was going to entirely be for me. 

So how did it work out? Keep reading for more!

Physicians Formula is teaming up with everyone’s favorite influencer, Weylie Hoang, on an exclusive makeup collaboration that is hot like the tropics! This exclusive collaboration is filled with limited edition, specially-curated, shades for cheeks and complexion.

Can we just take a moment and talk about this packaging? It's so gorgeous and modern and I love, love, love having it in my collection. It's a standard cardboard packaging, a little bit thicker than a lot of cardboard palettes, with a magnetized flap. I feel like this packaging is perfect for traveling, which I definitely think is one place it'll shine since it contains all of the cheek products you'll require for a getaway, if the shades work for you, that is. It also, of course, has that strong Butter collection scent that you'll either love or hate, and the embossed texture that is familiar from the single pan bronzers, blushes and highlighters. 

This palette contains 6 pans total with two highlighters, two blushes, and two bronzers. The highlight and blush shades are exclusive to this palette while both of the bronzers are from the regular collection. The pan size is quite generous, I think, being about half the size of a full Butter Bronzer, slightly more than 2/3 the size of a full Butter Blush, and actually slightly larger than a full sized Butter Highlighter. When it comes to value, I really think it can't be understated that you really are getting a lot of bang for your buck with this palette. 

Until now, I had never tried out the Butter Highlighters and the reason I hadn't tried them is actually the reason that these ones are the weakest link in this palette for me - they're very shimmery with really fine glitters that are very noticable on the skin. I know that some people really like a shimmery highlight, but they just don't work for me. One thing I will say about these highlighters is that they're a SUPER interesting formula and I don't think I ever knew that. They remind me a lot of the Colourpop Supershock Shadows, actually, in that they're almost a cream/powder hybrid - maybe even a straight up cream? They're super fascinating and really easy to apply and blend. If I could find a shade that would work for my skin that was a little more luminous than shimmery, I would be all over it. 

I will say I do think that the shades themselves were well chosen, if not quite right for my tastes. Whimsical is a sort of pale rose gold - or, more accurately, a pairing of rose and gold shimmer without a ton of base pigment. This is the kind of shade I can see myself using along my collarbones and shoulders in the summer, but it's just way too shimmery for my face. Golden Hour is a really gorgeous bronzey gold that I really wish would work for my skin tone. It has more base pigment and a less obviously amount of shimmer, which makes it feel a lot more wearable. I think this will also end up being a body product for me over the summer. 

With summer right around the corner (wishful thinking??) I couldn't be happier to have the two Butter Blush shades included in this palette in my collection. I would say that both of them are sort of a luminous matte finish in that there's no obvious shine or shimmer in them, but there's a luminosity inherent in the formula that gives a lively, healthy look to the skin and really subtly catches the light. The formula is more a buildable one that you can customize to what you need, definitely not one that you're going to need to be careful with applying. 

I love, love, love both of these shades pretty much equally. Apricot is... well, it's an apricot shade, a little bit more deeper and dustier than I would generally think of a peachy shade as being, and I think it would actually really suit quite a lot of different skin tones. It applies really beautifully and is a perfect summer cheek shade. Wildflower is actually the kind of blush that I'm most likely to reach for all year long. It's one of those shades that almost looks like a bronzer in the pan but has that strong rosy tinge to it that gives you a warm, flushed kind of look. Shadewise, I think of it as similar to Balm Desert by theBalm, but this shade is quite a bit more rosy by comparison. Still, I think it serves a similar purpose and I just love it. 

The original Butter Bronzer is, in my opinion, the best bronzer of all time, especially for lighter skin tones. I've been using it for years and nothing - literally, nothing - has come close to it for me. I've always used the original Bronzer shade and it's pretty much perfection for my skin tone, but I was curious to try some others. I actually find that both of these shades perform pretty differently than my original Butter Bronzer, and I'm not sure that it's for the better for me. I find both of these powders quite a bit softer and looser than my original BB and significantly more pigmened. Now, for me, the reason that I love my BB so much is that it's buildable and doesn't pack too much punch on my fair skin, but with both of these I've really found that I have to be careful with application to get the look I want on my skin. I'm not sure if the formula changed in the maybe year since I bought my last BB compact (I'm due for a re-up) but I definitely hope it is a shade thing and not a whole line thing.

Deep Bronzer is definitely the more luminous of the two, more of a glowy bronzer than even a subtle satin finish. The base seems to be quite warm toned and it has a strong gold sheen to it. I actually think that this would look stunning on a lot of different skin tones, but it's a little warmer than I generally like and I have to be really, really careful not to apply too much and look like a crazy person. Sunset Bronzer is more in my wheelhouse, personally. It definitely has more pink undertones, which works better for my skin tone, and the really subtle sheen it has looks healthy but doesn't add too much glow. Like I said, it's also really pigmented and I have to use a light hand, but I think that probably does make it versatile for a lot of different skin tones. 

Overall, I think this is a solid palette, but I think it could end up being a little bit polarizing. For me, I'd say that three of products in the palette are great and ones that I'll continue to reach for, while the other three probably won't get much use for me. And honestly, nothing in this palette lives up to the original Butter Bronzer for my personal needs and tastes. Still, it's a lovely palette and I'm glad that I own it. Particularly, I know that I'll be reaching for the blushes a ton this summer, because they're gorgeous.

The Physicians Formula x Weylie Hoang Butter Collection is available now where Physicians Formula products are sold!

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