NAIL ART: Canada Day Nails 2020!

by - July 01, 2020

I feel like despite and even because of  the fact that 2020 is a hornet's nest - a murder hornet's nest? - of messed up, a lot of us are feeling extra proud to be Canadian this Canada Day. No, it isn't because we're perfect or don't have huge, overwhelming problems like the rest of the world - we do! But I feel like, as Canadian's, many of us have really come together through all of the eruptions surrounding the pandemic and the long-overdue mainstream acknowledgment of privilege and systemic inequality and that gives me hope. No, we aren't perfect and we as a country have a to acknowledge and deal with some pretty profound issues, but I still feel incredibly proud to be Canadian this Canada Day because I feel confident that we as a people have come together to face the issues that we've been hit with this year.

So, anyway... I put some national pride on my nails! Keep reading to check it out!

Honestly, I considered going a little bit more intricate for this year's Canada Day mani, but ultimately I decided to keep it simple. I mean, our flag is pretty simple, right? Of course, I added a little bit of holo in there because... why not? On all of my nails other than my ring finger, I applied two coats of OPI x Hello Kitty A Kiss On The Chic* followed by a coat of Live Live Polish's Issues and finished with a generous coat of Seche Vive Top Coat.

On my accent nail, I applied two coats of Color Club's French Tip. I generally HATE working with crisp white polishes, so I rarely do white base nail art looks, but it was necessary for this one and this polish is probably my favorite white for a full nail application. I followed that with a coat of Seche Vive and then allowed that to dry for about an hour so that I wouldn't mess up the base when I applied the nail vinyls. 

Of course, I had to bust out the WhatsUpNails Canadian Flag Nail Vinyls* for this mani, so once that base was completely dry, I applied the nail vinyl and did the same combination I did for the rest of my nails starting with a coat of A Kiss On The Chic and immediately following with Issues before quickly (and carefully) peeling the vinyl off. It turned out SO CRISP!!

And, of course, I finished with one more coat of Seche Vive to seal in the design and voila!

All Products Used
OPI Nail Polish - A Kiss On The Chic*
Color Club Nail Polish - French Tip
Live Love Polish - Issues
WhatsUpNails Canadian Flag Nail Vinyls*
Seche Vive Top Coat

Like I said, I know that this country isn't perfect and, more importantly, I know that my experience being a Canadian is NOT the same as the experience of others who struggle under the weight of inequality. That said, I think that Canada's identity has been one of unity and inclusivity and I sincerely, sincerely hope that my optimism is well placed when it comes to the future of this country for ALL Canadians, not just those that check the same privilege boxes that I do. I believe that if we genuinely acknowledge the problems and work together to fight them, this is a country that can make real, systemic change. 

Happy Canada Day, everyone! Stay safe, healthy and hopeful!

Thanks for reading!

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