REVIEW: VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot

by - July 14, 2020

I have to admit, I haven't really been wearing makeup for the past couple of months - like a lot of people, I think the mess that has been 2020 has sort of taken the shine off sitting down to put on makeup every morning. That said, I've been reaching for lip balm like crazy and even with just tinted sunscreen on, I do like a little bit of a tint and shine to my lips, so I've been reaching for the VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot* a lot lately. If you read my VDL Expert Color Lip Cube review, you'll know that I was definitely interested in trying out more from the brand, so I was super excited to toss this in my purse for on-the-go testing!

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Why you'll love Tint Bar Triple Shot
3-in-1 formula with tricolour design is totally unique, combining lip-caring benefits with a hint of tint.
- 3-in-1 lip primer, balm and tint.
- Tricolour design creates a multi-hued layer of shiny, sheer colour for softer, fuller-looking lips.
- With moisturizing royal jelly and nourishing ester oil.
- Soft, glowing glossy finish.

In the summer, even the ones where I was still wearing makeup, I've always been a fan of a lightweight, somewhat sheer lip product that provides some colour but doesn't feel too overwhelming, something I can toss in my purse or beach bag and just throw on. There's a freshness to a sheer pink lip that always feels young and effortless, but it can actually be a pretty tricky product to find in a really good formula, but this one has really knocked it out of the park for me. This applies really smooth and creamy and gives a good punch of moisture and nourishment to the lips that sticks around, maybe not as long as a rich balm but definitely quite well. 

The intention of the tri-colour of this product is to concentrate most of the most colour at the center of the lips and then have it fade out towards the edges, and I think this does a really good job of that. There's definitely more pigmentation in the dark pink strip than the lighter pink and the nude, and though it's still quite sheer I do think it has a bit of a staining effect so that the gradient sticks around even after you've mashed your lips together or the shine has faded away. If you don't want the I-just-ate-a-popsicle look to the lips, you can easily just flip the product over and do a second swipe to get and all over pink, but I really do think that the gradient adds a look of fullness to the lips that looks great. 

I have the shade Triple Pink here and, as you can see, it has a really rich berry pink, a very light bubblegum pink, and then a sort of rosy nude shade. Like I said, the two lighter colours are definitely more sparse in pigmentation than the deeper shade, but all three do impart some colour onto the lips. Overall, this is a really cool toned pink shade that I think will work best on people will cooler undertones. For someone with warmer undertones, I would probably say go with the Triple Red or Triple Peach shades. 

I feel like 2020 is really teaching me the value in effortlessness when it comes to my day to day beauty routine, and the VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot* has definitely become one of those effortless products that I've got in my purse at all times for a quick hit of colour and nourishment to my lips. I think it manages to balance the moisture that I'm looking for in a day to day balm with that little hint of juicy colour that just makes me feel a little bit more put together on the day to day. Do recommend!

The VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot* is available from as well as in store at Nature Republic!

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