INDIE POLISH: Paint It Pretty Polish - Rainbow Clouds

by - August 19, 2020

I try not to go crazy with indie polishes. Sometimes that's a really difficult thing to do because... they're so gorgeous, but I try to reign myself in and keep my collection at a manageable level. But sometimes? Sometimes I see a swatch of an indie polish and I get gimmegimmegimme hands that just won't shut up and I have to have it. (How's that for a weird sentence?) Anyway, I recently saw swatches of Paint It Pretty Polish's Rainbow Clouds from their new collection and I had to have it. Just had to. There was something about it that absolutely called to me. I didn't actually know how the application was going to go or how the formula would perform since this was my first polish from Paint It Pretty, so I decided to share it with you guys today - with a little bit of stamping because I'm a fiend. 

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Described as "a white crelly base with colour shifting flakes in blue, violet, green, purple, red and orange", this polish ended up being a little bit different than what I was expecting. Because of all of the density of the flakes, this ends up looking more like a really soft grey to me on the nails (a little bit moreso in real life than it shows up in photos), but it's still a stunner. 

Note: This macro swatch photo is from a different application than the nail art. It is 2 coats of Rainbow Clouds + top coat.

I would say that this is probably a polish that will give the best coverage in three coats, though I only applied two, with the second being thicker, for both the swatch photo and the nail art look. I think those 2 coats still give me plenty of coverage and builds enough of that dimension and depth you look for with a flakie crelly polish. It has a really smooth and even formula and doesn't feel particularly textured when it dries down on the nail (though I would still recommend top coat to really bring out all of the dimension in this polish.) It dried quickly and really, really evenly, and I didn't have any problem with it running or pooling even though I did apply that second coat fairly thick. I also have to say, I really, really like the brush that this polish has. It's just the right size and shape to give me that really crisp and even line at the cuticle as well as making the polish application really even overall. 

Because I wanted to add some stamping without taking away from the gorgeousness of this base (always the issue for me with my favorite indie polishes) I went with this sort of whimsical image from the Bundle Monster + Lucy's Stash BM-XL209 Stamping Plate along with a white stamping polish from Born Pretty Store. You can really see how much more of a soft grey the base looks when you compare it to the stamping polish, but I personally love the tone of grey that you get with this. It's just... so soft and pretty, but with so much whimsy from the rainbow of flakies. I finished this mani with quick dry top coat and voila!

Though Paint It Pretty Polish was definitely on my radar before, this polish has really pushed my interested significantly in the brand as a whole. Not only is this shade absolutely gorgeous, but it has such an incredible formula that makes it a real joy to work with. I have to say, I love it and it turned out to be a little bit different than I was expecting, but at the same time so much more exciting. 

You can purchase Paint It Pretty Polish through their Etsy shop and I highly recommend checking it out, because they have so many different finishes available in their range! One thing I will say, though, is that I recommend picking up more than 1 polish at a time because the shipping can be a little spendy  because #CanadaProblems.

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