MANI MONDAY: Rainbow Watercolour Sharpie Nail Art

by - August 10, 2020

Hey guys! As we continue on with our #CBBxManiMonday August theme of Summer Lingo, I cheated again. I just... couldn't resist. I got this idea of a watercolour mani on a nude base in my head and I just couldn't shake it out, so I went with it and it turned into a distinctly festival themed nail art look. I've really only recently started experimenting with using Sharpies in my nail art and I feel like there's a ton of versatility for what you can create with them and I love how this one turned out. 

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Generally if I'm going to use a nude base, I reach for my absolute all time favorite nude base, Essie's Last Nighty from their Gel Couture line. This polish is basically the perfect nude for my skin tone and the formula is just a dream to work with. I applied two coats to all of my nails and let them dry completely before moving onto the next step.

I really wanted to get a sort of rainbow watercolour smoke look with this mani, so I grabbed 4 Sharpie markers in a deep blue, teal, fuscia and yellow to blend together. To get the watercolour look, I scribbled them all onto a plastic place mat pretty heavily and then thinned them out using a nail art brush and some isopropyl alcohol until I got to quite a watery consistency. If you're going to try this, I definitely recommend diluting the Sharpie heavily - it works best if you build the colour slowly and blend them together. For my ring finger, I left a little bit of negative space around the edges knowing that I wanted to apply a small, single image to that nail, and with my middle finger I more fully filled the nail with the watercolour.

For the stamping I actually used the same image from the Maniology (Bundle Monster) BM-XL212 Stamping Plate for both nails and just removed all but the one feather for my ring finger. I went with black because I always find that black stamping, especially if the design isn't too dense, really pops the background design well. 

I finished with a generous coat of Seche Vive Top Coat to all of my nails and voila!

All Products Used
Essie Gel Couture - Last Nightie
Born Pretty Store - Throne 
Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat
Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers
Isopropyl Alcohol Mermaid Nail Art Brush*
Bundle Monster + gotnail BM-XL212 Stamping Plate
Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper

If you leave out the stamping (which you absolutely can and still get a great mani) this is definitely one of those really beginner friendly nail art designs that you can likely do with stuff around your house, so if you're interested in seeing how I put this together in my video tutorial, head over to @pblnails to check it it out and follow me there for more nail art videos every few days!

Honestly, having great nail tools in my collection has really helped me to be able to effectively try out different types of nail art like this watercolour look, and I think that the nail art brushes, dotting tools, and silicone tools are really, really great. For this mani, I used one of their Mermaid Nail Art Brushes and it worked perfectly to get that watercolour look. If you're interested in checking them out, feel free to use my affiliate link TRYSH for 10% off - but even if you don't use the link, I highly recommend checking them out to support a great Canadian, woman owned business. 

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