NAIL ART: Soft & Simple Rose Gold Nude Nails

by - September 02, 2020

Now that summer is over - as soon as September hits my brain shifts firmly into fall mode, especially since we get such short fall before winter hits here in Winnipeg - I'm tucking away the brights and neons until next year, for the most part. And before I get into all of the rich fall shades that make fall nail art my personal favorite, I needed a bit of a palette cleanser so I reached for my all time favorite nude polish and one of my all time favorite stamping plates in my collection to put together a soft, simple mani that felt a little bit like a breath of fresh air. 

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If you're a fan of a pale beige nude nail polish, the kind that I think looks gorgeous on just about anyone, and you don't have Essie's Gel Couture Polish in Last Nightie in your collection, this is one of those rare instances where I'm going to tell you that you need it. It's a bit of a sheer formula, but even without full opacity at two coats I personally think it looks absolutely stunning. It applies super easily and evenly and has that fullness that you expect from a gel-look formula. It's also got a really subtle gold shimmer to it that I think just looks beautiful. Honestly, this is one of my favorite nail polishes in my entire collection and one that I reach for literally every time I want a no-brainer nude nail look. 

I really love pairing nude with rose gold because I think it's a really subtle, but impactful and beautiful pairing that's just kind of a no brainer. For this mani, I decided to use my Bundle Monster (Maniology) Magic Hour Stamping Polish along with the Bundle Monster + elleandish BM-XL201 stamping plate for this look that gives some graphic interest while maintaining that subtle, effortless look I was going for. I feel like this pairing of the nude base with the rose gold graphic stamping on the middle two nails is a great way to do nail art while still keeping it really, really simple. 

All Products Used
essie Gel Couture - Last Nightie
Bundle Monster (Maniology) - Magic Hour
essie Speed Setter Top Coat
Bundle Monster (Maniology) + elleandish BM-XL201 Stamping Plate
BeautyBigBang Clear Stamper

Honestly, this is such a simple, easy mani and I know that it's one that I'll always inevitably go back to some version of when I need a palette cleanse. I'm actually on my second bottle of Last Nightie from essie - it really is a true favorite - and it's one polish that I will always recommend.

If you want to see how this mani came together, be sure to head over to @pblnails on Instagram to check out my video tutorial and follow me there for more nail art videos every week!

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