REVIEW: New-To-Me Drugstore Blushes for Fall 2020

by - September 03, 2020

Blush is one of my personal favorite makeup products - perhaps because I am pasty and a blushless face makes me look... well, vaguely dead, if we're being honest. My blush collection is pretty significant and I definitely have favorites that I tend to reach for a lot, but recently I decided to grab a few new drugstore blushes to try out and add to the collection and I'm super excited to share my thoughts on them with you guys. The drugstore is great for blush and because blush is, let's be honest, pretty straightforward, I really don't think that you need to go high end to get a great blush for your collection.

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I wanted to pick up blushes that I thought would be good for fall - a time of year when I do feel like I kick up my blush game a little bit - so I went with a rosy matte, a peachy/apricot matte, and sort of deeper warm rose with a gold sheen. 

Covergirl TruBlend So Flushed High Pigment Blush
in 360 Sweet Seduction | $12.99CAD

I was actually really drawn to this blush after seeing Emily Noel talk about it on Youtube (I 'm not entirely sure that this was the shade she mentioned, but it was definitely the formula.) The highest priced option of the three, this is also definitely the most unique in formula and finish for the drugstore. This blush promises to deliver high impact colour in one swipe with a buildable formula that is fall out resistant and long wearing. I mean, it basically makes all of the promises, doesn't it?

First off, let's talk about this shade. When it comes to blush, I rarely think that a shade is going to be universal or even close to it, but I think this shade actually could be stunning on pretty much every skin tone because the depth of the shade along with the pigmentation really allows for a customized application to make it versatile for a lot of different people. The warm undertone is really perfect for fall and the gold sheen really walks that line where it's distinctly glowy on the skin and catches the light really beautifully, but isn't over the top shimmery.

I really do like the formula of this blush. Because I'm so fair, I do need to use a light hand with application (pretty much the story of my life) but it blends out really well on the skin and I don't find that I have to be overly careful with my application. It also really lives up to its claims of lasting all day in a way that I was really impressed by. Even as my other makeup starts to fade, this stays strong on the skin and really helps keeping me look a little more alive and bright all day long. I don't necessarily feel like I want to run out and buy the other shades in this collection, but I definitely know I will continue to reach for this and recommend it if you're looking for a warm, glowy fall blush. 

Catrice Cosmetics The Blush Box
in 025 Nude Peach | $7.99CAD

I fell completely in love with the Catrice blush formula not too long ago when I tried out the Glistening Pink shade a while ago now, so when I saw this new shade in the display at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, I just had to try it. Initially, I wasn't entirely sure how this shade was going to work on my skin tone, but I've learned that sometimes you have absolutely no idea how a blush shade is going to show up on your face until you try it and something just sort of called to me about this peachy apricot shade. This formula promises to be highly pigmented, long lasting, waterproof and sweat resistant.

Again, let's get into the shade first. Iloveitsomuch. Because I haven't really been wearing foundation lately, blush can get a little bit tricky because I don't have that really even canvas to build onto, but this shade is just perfect on my bare skin. It just sort of subtly warms up my skin and livens up my face a little bit without really looking at all like makeup. In these photos and even in the pan, this looks like it has some shimmer in it, but it really does show up more like a matte on the skin, but not a flat, powdery matte. There's just the barest hint of sheen that, again, just livens up the face a little bit. Now, obviously, this shade is not going to work for everyone and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone much darker than me - but it's a fabulous fair skinned blush option.

When it comes to the formula, this one also really lives up to the Glistening Pink shade that I fell in love with. It's super easy to apply and blend for a really natural, healthy look.  It's also really pigmented but, probably because the shade is so subtle, doesn't apply in a way that is overwhelming or clownish. The wear is really phenomenal on it and I would say that it lasts nearly as long as the CoverGirl one, but does fade a little bit throughout the day. Still, even at the end of a long day, this is still there on the skin and I just think it's a really great formula. 

essence The Blush
in 40 Beloved | $3.99CAD

You really don't have to convince me to try out essence blushes, because they've been a long time favorite of mine. In fact, though I've gotten rid of a lot of them because they got old, they used to be blushes that I reached for really, really consistently. I hadn't tried one in a while, but when I decided to pick up some new drugstore blushes they were the first brand I looked at. This blush promises to provide buildable, silky smooth texture for a natural flush. Sounded good to me!

In the photos, I feel like this shade is coming off a little bit softer and more neutral than it actually is. In real life, this is a much more neutral-to-cool pink blush and it has some brightness to it, though I wouldn't call it bright by any means. I think because I have fall in my head right now, this shade just isn't what I was hoping for because I like a warmer, richer blush in the fall. I'd say that this shade is much more appropriate for winter/spring when (at least for my skintone) I look more for this type of shade. It has a matte finish, but it's definitely not a dry matte and ends up looking really healthy on the skin. 

I have to say, this is a pretty pigmented blush for being called "buildable" and I would recommend using a light hand to start out with. I don't think I'd say it's overwhelming or one of those blushes that you have to be really careful with, but it is really pigmented and I think any building will have to be careful. I think the formula really is quite good though. It's blends really well and lasts pretty well on me, but I did find that it wasn't quite as long lasting as either of the other blushes in this post. Overall, for the price, I really feel like essence knows what they're doing, it's just a matter of finding the right shade in their fairly limited selection. 

I struggle with blush swatches because they really do end up looking so different on the face than they do on the arm, but I'd say this gives a pretty solid representation of the three. As you can see, there's no chalkiness to any of the formulas, even the two that are technically considered to be matte shades. The most pigmented one (and the one I think us fair skinned girls have to be extra careful in application of) is Sweet Seduction, but that almost makes it the most universal for me. 

Overall, I have to say that I think all of these blushes are really solid in formula. If you're looking for a fall blush option and you're on the lighter end of the skin tone spectrum, I highly, highly recommend checking out Light Peach from Catrice. In the pan, it can feel a little bit underwhelming, but it really is an amazing fall blush option. But surprisingly, the one that would get my highest recommendation is definitely Sweet Seduction from CoverGirl. It's not really a blush I normally would have gravitated towards, but it's a really, really stunning formula. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find it listed on any Canadian retailers websites as of posting this, but I really, really hope that it'll be up on them soon. For now, they are available from Ulta.

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