REVIEW: VICHY Liftactiv Supreme Skin Care*

by - February 20, 2021

With this winter being sort of all over the place and my skin being in a pretty weird place coming into it after several months of 2020 exhaustion having trimmed down my skin routine to the bare minimum, I was absolutely DYING to try out these two products from the VICHY Liftactiv Supreme line - and so was my skin. Winter on the prairies is pretty rough on most people's skin, I think, and as I get older I'm definitely noticing more and more impact to how my skin behaves as the weather gets colder and drier, so these two products with their focus on a hydration and moisture to bring back that youthful bounce were definitely appealing!

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VICHY Liftactiv Supreme Night*
Our breakthrough nighttime formula featuring Rhamnose. Helps combat the signs of skin aging by visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles & helping to boost skin's firmness. Skin's youthfulness is restored.

I don't know about you, but night cream is definitely where I personally pack most of the moisture into my skin care routine. During the day, I tend to stick to hydrating products and maybe a lightweight moisturizer to act as an occlusive. But at night? At night, my skin loves to be loaded up with rich, luxurious moisturizing products that help me to wake up with that bouncy, full skin that gives a look of radiance to the skin. For me, particularly in the colder months, having a great night cream has always been important, but this winter that has been particularly true since my skin needs a little more help than usual this year. 

This night cream is absolutely no joke - it packs and incredible punch of moisture that really, really lasts. Initially, when you dip into the jar, this cream has a really thick, rich texture that could seem like it would be hard to spread over the skin, but it really does melt down and spread beautifully. I would say that it actually absorbs quite well and surprisingly quickly, leaving behind a feeling of having applied a really rich moisturizer without any greasiness to the skin. Unlike a lot of similarly thick moisturizers, I feel like I could get away with this one during the day because it doesn't make me look shiny.

My favorite thing about this moisturizer is definitely how lasting that moisture is, especially in these colder temperatures. It really packs a lasting punch that keeps my skin looking and feeling richly moisturized and bouncy. 

VICHY Liftactiv Supreme HA Wrinkle Filler Serum*
Recharge 100% epidermal hyaluronic acid daily loss with the best wrinkle filler: Liftactiv HA. With 1.5% pure hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, neuro-peptides and powered by Vichy volcanic water, this potent face and eye serum reduces wrinkles by 47% and fine lines by 60% after 6 weeks of usage. It is not only the best wrinkle filler for forehead; it also works as both an under eye wrinkle filler, a lip line filler and more. Regardless of where you choose to apply it, this hyaluronic acid filler is safe on the skin: it is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

I legitimately remember the first time I used a hyaluronic acid product in my skin care routine and the immediate and obvious results of it. Since then, HA has been a staple in my routine and something that I use every day to maintain hydration and keep my skin balanced and one of my favorites for years now has been the VICHY Mineral 89, so I was surprised to see that they added another HA product to their range - but then I tried it and this is a completely different animal and the two products will serve different functions to different people. Where I tend to think of Mineral 89 as a maintenance product, something that maintains hydration in the skin and keeps your skin balanced and fresh, the Liftactiv Supreme HA Wrinkle Filler Serum*, for me, is definitely more of a true serum intended to be transformative in nature. (This may just be me, but I really do divide skin care products into those two categories, Maintenance and Transformative, and it makes perfect sense in my head so I hope it isn't confusing.)

First off, I love this packaging. The dropper lid can be a little tricky to figure out at first, but it actually makes sanitary and specific dispensing of the product really, really easy. Beyond that, though, I really, really am kind of obsessed with this serum. Initially, this feels like a thin, watery gel but it definitely thickens up and becomes more viscous as you work it into the skin and then it sinks in quickly and basically disappears from the skin's surface, but you can immediately see and feel those plumping, hydrating effects. For me, if a HA serum doesn't give me an immediate boost to the look of my skin, I'll pass, but this one definitely gives me that. More than that, though, this gives a really lasting hydration that keeps my skin feeling bouncy and looking extra healthy. I've been using it once a day for about 3 weeks now and I've really noticed lasting hydration.

I really do think this is a fantastic formulation and, for me, it immediately stands out amongst pretty much all of the other HA products I've tried because it definitely does fit into that transformative category more than the maintenance one and it performs beautifully. 

For winter skin, aging skin, or just generally dry skin I think that these two products make for a pretty amazing pairing when it comes to hydration and moisture for the skin. They both pack a serious punch and during testing while I've been using both as part of my skin care routine I've really noticed that my skin looks and feels amazing and really isn't feeling the effects of winter as intensely as it was before I started reaching for these! 

Honestly, it's been a while since I've tested out any new VICHY products, so it was great to get a refresher on how well their products tend to work for me. I definitely think that just about anyone is going to see a huge benefit from the VICHY Liftactiv Supreme HA Wrinkle Filler Serum*, but I particularly think it would be a great option for someone who is maybe new to skin care or has sensitive skin but really wants to get an anti-aging product into their routine because it's really gentle but packs a punch.

Both of these products are available now where VICHY is sold!

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