NAIL ART: Gold & Orchid Abstract Floral Nails

by - May 24, 2021

Almost exactly two years ago (give or take a couple of weeks), I came up with one of my all time favorite nail art designs and it turns out that it's one that I tend to always come back to. For this week's floral themed #CBBxManiMonday, I very distinctly had that design in my head while I was putting this one together. Creativity has been... a little bit here and then gone recently - I've been hearing the word "languishing" to describe where we're at at this point in the pandemic, and I have to say I really, really identify with it and the mojo is definitely suffering. Of course, the nice thing about nail art is that when the creativity runs low, you can always revisit your more... inspired moments from the past. 

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Whenever I do this style of mani, I like to go in with a more sheer or jelly type of base to get some depth to that base color. For this mani, I actually tried a few different things before I ultimately settled on KBShimmer's I'd Pick You. This shade is just... so absolutely perfectly spring that I can't really get over it. It's a really beautiful toned orchid type of pink shade with this stunning gold shifty flakes that bring a subtle warmth and contrast to the whole vibe. Love it. For this mani, I went with two coats for my desired opacity - which is maybe not quite full coverage but certainly enough to camouflage my nail line. 

Next, I went in with some simple swipes of a really neutral gold stamping polish to reference those flakes and also to add a little bit more interest to the areas of the nails where I was going to be applying my stamping. I wanted to keep the stamping really straight forward, so I just went with black and chose three different images that I thought played well together to apply to the nails. Placement of the images is definitely not random for me and I 100% think about the overall design when I'm placing my images, but I don't know if I can describe the rhyme to my reason. Still, I think it works best when you really think about how the overall mani is going to look when deciding on image placement for a mani like this.

Once I was happy with my stamping, I sealed in my design with a water based top coat and then finished with a generous coat of quick dry glossy top coat. And voila!

All Products Used
KBShimmer - I'd Pick You
Clear Jelly Stamper - 051 Bring On The Bubbly
Maniology - Straight Up Black
Maniology Smudge Free Top Coat
Glisten & Glow Top Coat
Pict You PY-J053 Stamping Plate
Whats Up Nails Magnified Clear Stamper

Not gonna lie... while I was in the middle of doing this mani, I was sort of ehhhh about it, but now that I'm finished and specifically looking at the photos, I'm kind of in love. I swear, I'm just all about a simple, straight forward stamped abstract recently. Just love 'em. 

Also, seriously, pick up this polish. It's GORGEOUS. It applies like a dream. And it's super unique and beautiful. If, like me, you're in Canada, I recommend checking out Harlow & Co, which is where I purchase KBShimmer polishes from! 

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