SWATCH & REVIEW: Bio Sculpture Gemini Live Life Loudly Collection 2022

by - May 25, 2022

Finding great neon polishes that really perform can be a bit tricky, I think. I feel like I've tried tons of different neon polish formulas and it has really been a mixed bag, with more not-so-great polishes than real winners generally. As someone who absolutely loves neon polishes for the summer, I'm always on the look out for great formulas, so when I first saw photos of the Bio Sculpture Gemini Nail Polish Live Life Loudly Collection for Summer 2022*, I absolutely wanted to try them out and they were kind enough to send them along to me to try out. I've been really impressed with the Bio Sculpture Gemini Polish formula in the past, so I had high hopes for how these polishes would perform. 

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"Inspired by the 70s, neons are making their way back onto the catwalks & together with the urge we feel to live out loud, these six colours promise to sing and shout this season!"

When it comes to the curation of this collection, I really think it hits all of the most important notes. Obviously, my fellow rainbow lovers will likely be feeling the absence of a blue (though I will say that neon blues are by far some of the hardest to find just in general) but I also feel like the most important neon shades are definitely represented here. You've got your classic (and VERY TRICKY to formulate well) highlighter type yellow and super acidic lime green. You've got your super classic, always flattering orange, coral and pink, all of which I think are summer stapes. And finally you've got a neon purple, which I think again is one of the most universally flattering neon shades and always much, much loved. Like I said, initially you may feel like this collection could benefit from a blue, but I personally think this is really phenomenal curation for a neon collection. 

Now onto the swatches... 

~ All swatches featured below are two coats plus a glossy top coat for shine. ~

Bio Sculpture Gemini Nail Polish Live Life Loudly Collection 2022
SHADE: Belle Of The Bop* ~ This playful trendy retro neon pink just bops, sings and shines.

This is an absolutely stunning cool toned neon pink, very classic and yet when I compared it to all of the other neon pinks in my collection I couldn't actually find a dupe, which I found really interesting. On the first coat, this polish was a teensy bit streaky, but has a really beautiful, creamy formula and got to really perfect opacity on that second coat. It has a lot of punch and really grabs the light, I feel like, making it one of those polishes that is going to be absolutely mind blowing when you take it out in the sun.  

Bio Sculpture Gemini Nail Polish Live Life Loudly Collection 2022
SHADELimelight* ~ This neon lime green is loud, proud and meant to stand out from the crowd!

I will fully admit that I was somewhat prepared to be unimpressed with this one and absolutely had my mind blown with the formula and punch of this shade. It's got really easy 2 coat coverage with a super smooth, creamy application. I would say this definitely sits firmly in the lime green category with a really neutral undertone that doesn't lean too yellow or too blue. It's also got a hint more depth than some of the other neon greens that I've tried, which really keeps it from skewing towards the neon yellow category. 

Bio Sculpture Gemini Nail Polish Live Life Loudly Collection 2022
SHADEPoco Pop* ~ This bright neon orange will add that final popping touch, guaranteed to complete any look this season - right on trend.

Orange is not generally a particularly exciting color for me and it isn't one that I generally reach for because I tend to think it's a color much more suited to skintones other than my own. That said, the formula of this orange and the pop of the neon is so absolutely stunning that as soon as I applied my first coat I was in love. It's almost a one coat coverage, though I do still think that you're going to need two, and the formula is just super creamy and absolutely gorgeous to apply. Honestly, I can't rave about this polish enough and if you're in the market for a gorgeous neon orange polish, this is without doubt the best one that I've personally tried so I highly recommend. 

Bio Sculpture Gemini Nail Polish Live Life Loudly Collection 2022
SHADERetro Rock* ~ This gorgeous neon coral - straight from the 70's - embraces the perfect balance between bright pink and orange hues.

I absolutely love a neon coral for summer. It's great for both fingers and toes and, as far as I'm concerned, it pretty much flatters every single skin tone because it straddles that line between pink and orange in just the right way. This particular one really did not disappoint at all. It's almost full coverage on one coat, but I think does need that second one for full opacity and saturation, and it has a gorgeous creamy, smooth formula that applies like a dream. This one will definitely be getting a lot of play from me this summer and I could actually see myself easily wearing this on my toes for the entire season. Love it!

Bio Sculpture Gemini Nail Polish Live Life Loudly Collection 2022
SHADE: Sunshine Sway* ~ Bring on the sunshine and feel the sway on the tips of your toes and fingernails. If exuberance was a color, this striking neon yellow would be it. 

This shade, for me, was always going to be the one that I was most interested in seeing the performance of. The truth is that neon yellow is super difficult to formulate in a way that stands on its own. Oftentimes they require a white base or a million coats to get to opacity and you end up with... basically a mess. Anyway, this one really, really impressed me immediately. I would say that this is the only one in the collection that might require a third coat depending on how you polish, but I did manage to get opacity in two, which is what you see in the swatch photo. I will say that this is the finickiest in this collection, which really isn't surprising since yellow polish is usually some of the finickiest, but it is still probably my favorite yellow neon I've ever tried. 

Bio Sculpture Gemini Nail Polish Live Life Loudly Collection 2022
SHADEViolet Vibes ~ A high fashion deep vivid violet, sure to get the good vibes going this season.

And last but not least is another must have in a neon collection, in my opinion. Like most neon purples, how this one looks depends a lot on the light. In some light it'll pull a richer, more grapey purple and in others it shifts to a brighter magenta with a more berry pink sort of vibe. The formula on this one also feels a little more like what I generally expect from a neon polish in that it's a little more jelly in texture, a little less creamy than the other shades. That said, this is still super pigmented and was almost opaque in one, but did get more oomph and coverage from that second coat. For this one, I recommend using a base coat as well because I did have a teensy bit of staining when I removed it (though it didn't stick around.) Love this one!

Honestly, I am overwhelmingly impressed with all of the polishes in this collection, especially given that they're neon and all 6 of them give me full, vibrant color in two really easy to apply coats. Like most neons, these do dry flat with an almost rubbery like look on the nails, so you're definitely going to want to have a good glossy top coat on hand to really show these beauties at their best. I personally already have some great summer nail art ideas bouncing around in my head with these in mind, so do keep an eye out here on the blog for those in the coming weeks. 

For more info on Bio Sculpture products, check out their website. Though they are a salon brand, if you're looking to pick these polishes up for non-professional use, they are available online from Iris Body & Beauty!

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