SWATCH & REVIEW: Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection

by - August 17, 2023

I am, and have been for years now, such a big fan of Whats Up Nails when it comes to nail art supplies, particularly when it comes to stamping. Even casual readers of the blog will be aware of just how often I reach for their products. So, of course, I get super excited about their polish collections and couldn't wait to try out the brand spankin' Recharge Collection* that just released. Pretty much as soon as the package arrived, I sat down to swatch the collection and it's honestly even prettier than I was expecting it to be. 

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Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection - Fall 2023
SHADE: Zoning Out ~ Forget your worries and concerns – just zone out in this hypnotic creme pink nail polish with purple undertone. It's the perfect way to forget your troubles and deepen your chill! (Or at least your nails!)

In my notes, I described Zoning Out as a cool toned orchid pink créme and I definitely think that's accurate. The formula on this polish is really creamy and smooth and gives two coat coverage. Super classic pink - a perfect choice to go with your Barbie Halloween costume, perhaps? 

Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection - Fall 2023
SHADE: Vanilla Peach ~ Treat your nails to a style update with this delightful nail polish! This light peach creme is the perfect way to bring a splash of fun to your look. So go on, treat yourself to a new hue and a little pampering - you deserve it!

This polish is PERFECTLY named. This is a creamy vanilla créme with just a hint of peachiness. I, for one, can't wait to use this one as a base for nail art because I know it's going to just be perfect. Depending on you how polish and your nail length, this will either be a 2 or 3 coater for you. I tend to polish a little more heavily, so this is a 2 coater for me, but with thinner coats on longer nails you're probably going to want to go for 3. 

Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection - Fall 2023
SHADE: Under Sea Rendezvous ~ Take your nails on an underwater adventure with this stunning nail polish – a sparkly, shimmery aquatic dream! This deep-sea blue base is studded with flash reflective glitter and purple iridescent shimmer. For an eye-catching, out-of-this-world look, dive in with Rendezvous!

Pictures don't do this gorgeous cobalt blue shade justice, I swear. It's another shade that is perfectly named because there's this glow from within sort of look to it that really drives home that deep sea vibe. It does contain that reflective glitter, so it dries down a bit flat and quite textured but I found that regular top coat smoothed it out just fine and really amped up the shine. 2 coat coverage on this one with an easy, no fuss application. 

Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection - Fall 2023
SHADE: Tempermental Iris ~ Watch your nails go through their emotional mood swings with this thermal polish! In colder climates it will show its purple side, while warmer temps turn it pink, plus with green iridescent flakies and shimmer that'll have it temper-swinging back and forth! Talk about multi-dimensional!

No one will be surprised that this was the polish I was most excited to try from this collection. Pink when warm, purple when cold, this thermal polish contains these really, really gorgeous iridescent flakies that just add so much depth and dimension. This was also has a really smooth, easy to work with formula and gives full coverage on two coats. 

Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection - Fall 2023
SHADE: Polar Light Show ~ Light up the night with this magnetic nail polish! Bask in the multichrome magnetic beauty that shifts from green to purple and top it all off with a beautiful purple iridescent shimmer. Nothing else could possibly turn heads like this - you'll be sure to create a stir with this dazzling polish!

I have to say that, as someone who isn't super into magnetic polishes, this is definitely the surprise of the collection for me because I am OBSESSED WITH IT. The magnetic effect is gorgeous, to be sure, but worn without magnetizing, this polish is also stunning with one of the most impressive multichrome finishes I've ever seen. I actually wore this one with the two middle fingers magnetized and the others just applied normally and got compliments from two different strangers. This is a winner and I absolutely love it. Also - great formula, 2 coat full coverage. 

Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection - Fall 2023
SHADE: Fairy Veil ~ Achieve a bewitching look with this nail polish! Its light pink base takes a magical transformation as it's graced with sparkling iridescent shimmer - sure to capture the attention of every fairy and human alike! Its spellbinding abilities make it the perfect choice for any enchanting evening.

This polish can either be built up and worn alone or applied as a topper, but for the purposes of this review I swatched it alone. As you can see in the photo above, even at three coats, this one isn't going to entirely camouflage your visible nail line, but I actually still think it looks absolutely gorgeous. There's something delicate about it and I think it will make a beautiful base for nail art when worn this way, but will also make an interesting topper to add shimmer to a créme. 

I have to say, initially when I looked at this collection, it felt a little bit disjointed to me but once I had swatched them all together the whole vibe really came together. I really like all six of the polishes and I feel like a lot of different people with different tastes can get something they'll love from this collection. For me, the more unique finishes are definitely the standouts, but I'm also very impressed with the two créme shades as well!

If you're interested in picking up any of the Whats Up Nails Recharge Collection* polishes, they are available from!

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