What's in my Z Palette? Drugstore.

by - March 25, 2014

I recently went on a tear of Spring Cleaning. The way I see it, if I can't have the spring weather then I can at least have the spring cleaning. My collection of makeup and nail polish has had the fat trimmed and, while a few things that were either useless, horrible or old went into the garbage, I managed to give most of the stuff that's still good and just not for for away to friends and family. I've tried to resolve not to be a hoarder, but let's be honest...

Where was I? Oh yes. Cleaning.

I decided after finding that I couldn't, in any kind of good conscience, cut down the number of eye shadows that I own, that it was time to look up some videos on YouTube about how to depot my shadows and put together some kind of super palette that I could A) leave on my vanity, or B) tuck into my overnight bag for my frequent sleepovers with my Manfriend.

At first, being the DIYer that I like to think I am, I also tried to make my own palette. Here are my observations about that:

1) Walmart sells shitty magnets.
2) When you try to use shitty magnets to stick your eyeshadows into a palette, they will go EVERYWHERE.
3) That pretty DIY palette you picture in your head is a pipe dream if you are a perfectionist without the patience of a saint.
4) It's really easy and convenient these days to order a Z Palette online. It'll arrive in a couple of days.
5) Waiting a couple of days is so incredibly worth it. And getting packages is always exciting.

So I ordered a Z Palette and put together my very own Everyday Eye Palette using a combination of Wet N Wild and NYX Shadows in varying finishes.

I'm pretty thrilled with the way it turned out and feel fairly certain that I can get pretty much any day to day look that I'm in the mood for with this particular palette. I love the quality and pigmentation on all of these shadows.
My only complain is that my little OCD heart gets a wee bit twitchy at the fact that the Wet N Wild pans aren't all the same size, but I think I can learn to deal with it. I think.

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