Tonymoly Manicure & Review

by - May 16, 2014

Yesterday I posted about my Memebox Tonymoly Superbox and I couldn't resist trying out one of the polishes from the Nail Foundation Kit.

This is a set of three nude polishes in different shades. In the initial swatches, it seemed like they had a more satin finish but when you actually do a full manicure they're a classic cream finish. The first shade 01 is a pale buttery nude that definitely has a yellow undertone to it. The second, 02, is a pinky peach nude. And the third, 03, is a warm, pale caramel nude. All three shades are very, very pretty, but the one that jumped out at me to try was 02.

The above photo is three coats of 02 followed by one coat of Sally Hansen Quick Dry Top Coat, which is by far one of my absolute favorite top coats across the board. It gives a shiny, gel like finish and really helps to keep my nails from chipping.

Now, the details about the Tonymoly 02. Like many nude polishes, this does take a bit of building for full opacity, but if you're careful you can certainly get away with 2 coats for a nice, full coverage finish. I went with three because there were a couple of spots that didn't quite cover - which was more user error than the polish. This polish isn't streaky and actually levels really beautifully. It dries fairly quickly if you do a nice, thin coat and within an hour I was shoving my hands into my purse to grab things and the polish didn't move at all (although that's definitely due, at least in part, to the top coat as well as the polish.)

For the sake of honestly, I will say that underneath this manicure my nails are JACKED UP. I think that due to weather that doesn't have any consistency and the fact that I probably repolish my nails a little too often, I'm having some issues with nails being dry and flaking. Oftentimes, this means that cream polishes are hard for me to work with and get a smooth finish on. With this polish, that was absolutely no problem and it definitely gives my nails a much healthier appearance.

All in all, I really like this polish. In real life it comes off a little darker and warmer than in the pictures, but not a heck of a lot, and even though I washed and dried dishes last night it held up without any chipping (which is rare for me, unfortunately.)

I'm very happy with this polish and will definitely use it again. I'd recommend ordering it if you like nude polishes and can find it online.


UPDATE: This manicure peeled off pretty much completely after two days. There were a couple of chips and then it just came right off. Not cute. Not cute at all.

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