Unboxing Memebox TonyMoly Superbox

by - May 15, 2014

 Okay, I admit it... I stalked this package in my Canada Post app for the last week, because I was dying for it to arrive. I've avoided the rest of the Superboxes from Memebox (mostly because I can't justify ordering ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING like I'd really like to, so I have to reign myself in). However, I really do like the Tonymoly products that I've tried so far and for some reason this box just jumped out at me and I. Had. To. Have. It.

So I ordered it. And after a week of obsessive stalking and a few internet scours for spoilers, it arrived today and I have to say I'm pretty excited about it. 

 Keep reading for a closer look at all 7 items...

1. Tonymoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack - 80g - Value: $15.45
Basically, if I'm reading the directions correctly, this is actually a mask, but you massage it into the skin before you let it sit on your skin. Cool concept. It's supposed to leave my skin "deeply energized and brightened", which I can definitely get behind. Also, I've seen the samples of this product for sale on my Korean websites about 100 times at this point, so I feel like it's about time that I try it out. I opened the package and it smells kinda... I dunno how to describe it, but I don't think I love it. No hate, it's fine, but it doesn't whip me into a tizzy so we'll see how I like it on the face.

2. Tonymoly Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream - 45ml - Value: $23.94
I don't quite buy that this is going to give me "intense hydration that will last for up to 100 hours", but if it gets me through 24 hours without my skin feeling tight I'll count it as a win. 48 hours and I'd count it as a miracle. Apparently this "ultimate facial cream is packed with fermented extracts from argan oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, calendula flower oil, and borage oil", so I'm gonna have to look up those last two and see what's up with that, but I dig natural ingredients. Basically, I'm looking forward to this one too and crossing my fingers for the best (which usually works out well with Korean skincare.)

3. Tonymoly Limited Edition Nail Foundation Kit - 3 x 7ml -  Value: $5.99
When I looked at spoilers, this is actually the thing that I thought was going to be a dud in this box. In the pictures it just looked like sheer, shitty wedding colours and I wasn't into it. HOWEVER, since I'm a little obsessed with nude nails lately I found myself kinda excited at seeing these in person and I want to get at least one of them on my nails right now. I swatched them and they seem to have a nice satin finish to them, with a sheen but no shimmer, and the colours are actually distinct and really gorgeous. Not the highest value item, but definitely one that I'm excited for.

4. Tonymoly Egg Pore Silk Smooth Balm - 20g - Value: $16.45
I think this is actually the item I'm most excited about in this box. It's a primer to smooth out any fine lines, enlarged pores, and acne scars on your skin. By far my biggest cosmetic skin concern is the flaws in the actual texture of my skin and I'm forever on the search for a primer that I like the feel of on my skin that takes care of minimizing all of those. I've had some that do the job alright, but I'm still seeking Holy Grail status, so we'll see how this goes. So far... It smells so damn good I kinda just wanna sniff at it. It smells, not even joking, like Tazo Zen Tea - a little bit like lemongrass. Mmm.

TONYMOLY HAS THE CUTEST PACKAGING, OKAY? And even though I'm a grown woman who has no business carrying around beauty products that are packaged like a bunny, I still wanna. I can be sickenly adorable if I wanna! Stomp.

5. Tonymoly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist - 60ml - Value: $12.94
THE CUTENESS. OH, THE CUTENESS. This is adorable, okay. And I don't think anyone is going to pretend like this product is really about the product at all. That said, it does give a nice fine mist that I really like the feel of. The smell is pretty without being cloying and I think that it would fade quickly so as not to interfere with any fragrances that you might be wearing. We'll see how I like it as a little throughout-the-day fresher, but I have a good feeling - if only because I'm really into mists right now.

6. Tonymoly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar in Juicy Cherry - 2g - Value: $5.49
This is definitely another one of those things that I feel like I've seen everywhere. The packaging is pretty much adorable, but this one is a lot more subtle. I tried it out on my lips and it definitely gives you more of that just-had-a-cherry-candy kind of a colour to your lips, but it provides a nice amount of shine without being SHINY and it actually feels quite nice on the lips. 

7. Tonymoly Mr. Smile Patch - 10g - Value: $2.99
This is the last item listed on the card, but it was the first that I saw when I opened the box. AND IT IS BONKERS. Apparently you place these little squishy mustache pads over your smile lines and leave them there for a half hour and then run in the essence and it's supposed to diminish your lines. It has a WHOLE BUNCH of plant extracts in it, which makes me hope that none of them make my skin go bonkers, and it's supposed to "help nullify the thick creases that may hold you back from smiling to your heart's content." I feel like if I ever let the fear of wrinkles keep me from smiling, I'm just gonna be done with everything. But I digress. This is going to, at the very least, make for an amusing selfie on my Instagram - and what more can you ask for?

Total Value: $83.25

So as far as monetary value, this box is significantly less than the two Luckyboxes that I've received, like $50 per box less, but I can't find it in me to be disappointed. This box cost me just $40, shipping included after I used up my points, and I still doubled my money value. Also, because I love Tonymoly products so much I have a feeling that all of these products are really going to work out for me. All  in all, I'm so incredibly happy with this box and want to make my way over the Memebox site to order something else - ANYTHING ELSE - just so I have a Memebox to look forward to again.

Look for a post in the future listing my favorite Korean beauty products, since I'm definitely amassing a collection these days.


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