Review: Essence Cookies & Cream Trend Edition (Partial)

by - June 25, 2014

I'm gonna be honest... I always get real excited when I see that Essence came out with a new Trend Edition. I feel like there's never anything really exciting on those end caps at Shoppers anymore, but the trend editions are always new, fresh, and inevitably have at least one thing that I absolutely have to have. For cheap, real cheap. Nothing over $5 cheap. 

I actually saw a preview of this collection a couple of months ago now and have been stalking more than one SDM to look for it. The colours are right up my alley and, I have to say, I've been really impressed with the three items that I did pick up. 

The display for this collection also included 4 nail polish, a blush, and 2 lip glosses. For me, the frosty finish of the nail polishes held no appeal, the blush was a little too orange for my complexion, and the lip glosses were pretty but had a little bit of shimmer and I knew that I'd never actually use them. All in all, though, it was a pretty collection. I'm not sure about the shade of the blush, since I feel a dusty mauve/pink would have made a lot more sense in the grand scheme of this collection, but I guess it doesn't really have to make sense to me. 

However, what I did pick up were the two baked eyeshadows and the eyeshadow pencil. And they're pretty damn good.
Macaron, C'est Bon & Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life

The names are kinda... long, don'tcha think? And, let's be honest, CHEESY. But I forgive them, because these shadows are absolutely beautiful and the texture and pigmentation is absolutely on point. I've actually had pretty disappointing luck with baked products in my history, so I might not have had the highest of hopes for these, but they absolutely exceeded them. Also, the finish is a satiny sheen rather than a shimmery finish, which is a huge plus as far as I'm concerned.

Macaron, C'est Bon - A cool, creamy pale pink with a kind of white/silver sheen to it. This could have easily been the dud in this collection, since sometimes it's hard to get the pigmentation right on these kinds of pale shades, but it absolutely isn't. This shadow goes on smooth and opaque and the sheen is incredibly pretty.

Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life - Even though I loved Macaron, C'est Bon, this one is the standout for me. The shade, to me, is very unique. On the surface, it almost looks like a plain, neutral brown shade, but it actually has some very, very pretty purple undertones to it that make it different. It's warm and creamy and the texture is just absolutely perfect. Again, the satin finish is just beautiful.

These shadows, when used together, very easily create an incredibly wearable eye look that even a beginner would be able to put together easily. I feel like these products are probably going to live in my desk at work for those days when I choose sleeping in a few more minutes and end up having to do my makeup really quick at my desk. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If you see them, buy them. You won't regret.

Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life

So... Why are the shade names the same? Apparently there's a coinciding nail polish as well... As you can tell from the swatches, the colours are literally bang on, but I still feel like a slight variation in the name would have been a good idea, maybe that's just me. Of course, the name is not really what we're here to talk about.

Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life (Pencil) - Right off the bat, I'll say that I'm pretty sure that this pencil doesn't set to a budgeproof finish. I tried it on my (occasionally oily) eyelids on its own and it pretty much disappeared. HOWEVER, when you set it with the corresponding eyeshadow, it intensifies the colour of both and definitely has better staying power than either of them on their own. Do I feel like this is a must have? Absolutely not. But it's a very pretty colour and the texture is smooth and fairly creamy, so it's not a dud either.

My overall impression of the items in this collection that I purchased is really, really good. The colours are gorgeous, I absolutely love them, and even better than that is that the quality is completely on point. For me, I think that these products are definitely going to be getting a lot of wear this summer since they're almost a no brainer... and when better than summer for no brainer makeup?


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